Welcome Clients and Friends!

If you're reading this, chances are, Charlotte is very new to you.  And I can sympathize! Moving to a new place, especially to a city with so many diverse neighborhoods and suburbs, can be overwhelming! Having recently relocated to Charlotte in October 2015, I know the feeling. Of not knowing a soul, not knowing where to eat, not knowing how to get anywhere (Google Maps is a good start!) But as some of you have probably picked up on, I am obsessed with this place... it's been my mission to learn everything I can, which I hope to pass on to others. 

Just a little backstory...

Our move to the Queen City was by no accident. It was carefully planned. I moved here to pursue a career in real estate. It's definitely not the norm (and I get weird looks when I share that sometimes) My husband Kevin grew up in the Charlotte area from ages 8-16. He then moved to New York (where he met me!) and almost immediately got me on a plane from JFK to CLT. It was on this trip as a barely 17 year old young lady that I became  smitten with the South.

Nearly a decade later, we made the permanent move here- a dream come true. 

I've had the pleasure of showing you this place I call home in hopes that you also put down roots, whether that's for a few years or a lifetime. There's only so much I can rattle off while we're driving from appointment to appointment. And while some of you have your pen and paper in hand taking notes, I'd like to provide more than that. I want to create a resource and community built around a life well lived in Charlotte- a place where we can share honest feedback about places, businesses, parks, bars, salons, doctors, vendors and more. So much more. 

So here goes nothing...

Please ask questions, leave comments, and let me know what's going on in "your Charlotte." I'll do my part and share "my Charlotte." It's my hope we can all get the most out of living here and loving it here. And fair warning, this is very experimental. Honestly, I'm going to play everything by ear. Tell me what you want to know, whether it's about real estate or where the best place to get a hot dog is.

Bonus points if you know where that is ;)


xx kira