My Little Black Book

Kira Uptown

It's likely you are relatively new to Charlotte. Heck, I've been here for 15 months and still feel new sometimes. It helps to know someone from here but it's okay if you don't. Practically none of us are.

Some  clients diligently take notes (like, actual notes) and others ask me for direct recommendations. And thus this idea was hatched to share with you the people I trust here in the Queen City. From doctors and gyms to the best CPA in town (seriously, he rocks!) I want to send you to places and businesses I've only had positive experiences with. This city is HUGE and there is a lot of rubbish to sift through- so much so, I know the first step I make before deciding anything is asking a friend or heading to Yelp or Google Reviews. Some of you asked, so here it is...!

Kira's Little Black Book

Let me know what other types of services/businesses you're interested in. And please, share with us in the comments your favorites! Sharing is caring, right?  It's my goal and hope for the LBB to grow and get better with time. 

Thanks as always for your support! I appreciate each and every one of you :-)