Kira's LBB Pick: Esthétique Studio

Esthetique Charlotte.JPG

I've recently been seeing Debbie Nelms of Esthétique Studio and I can't recommend her enough! Debbie offers a variety of services, but her hair removal and customer service skills have earned a spot in my Little Black Book. 

I paid Debbie a visit for some routine hair removal. For fear of sharing too much information, let's just say I was tired of traditional hair removal methods. I read about "sugaring" a few years ago but was never able to find a specialist in New York. When I moved to Charlotte, I scouted out potential service providers on Yelp and Esthétique had incredible reviews (and is located right near my office- talk about convenient!)

If you are wondering what sugaring is all about, check out Debbie's website for a full breakdown. But basically, it's a warm paste of sugar that is applied to the skin and gently pulled off. While I won't say it's painless on the first try, I will say it gets less painful each visit. I am a convert through and through! The process is so quick and the results are incredible. It's also non-toxic!

Another reason I love Debbie is because of her professionalism and oh so sweet personality. Initially I called her to just talk about the sugaring process because I was a newbie. We chatted for a few minutes, she shared with me more about the process and why it's different (psst- why it's better than traditional waxing!) and then scheduled my appointment. When I had to reschedule, she was more than accommodating. 

You can find Esthétique inside Poza Salon at 2314 Crescent Ave (right off Providence in Myers Park.) You'll need to park in the rear parking lot or on the street, enter in the back of the house and walk upstairs to find Debbie!