I Just Moved To Charlotte- Now What?!

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After the stress of moving and unpacking is behind you, you surely want to get in the swing of things- of life! It takes time, to feel settled and "normal" again. Here are some ideas for you to try to get that ball rolling.  

Join Something

A club, a cause, an organization- anything that you believe in! I'm into art and museums, so I joined Young Affiliates of the Mint. Pick what makes you tick and dive in. You'll hopefully meet passionate folks and build true connections if everyone is invested in the cause. 


There is certainly something to be said about group fitness. Charlotte is so active, you're bound to find someone who does the same pilates class each week. 

Another fun thing Charlotte does well is work out then grab a drink and socialize. I love Yoga on Tap, a weekly event at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. It's $5 for a yoga class and a beer. Afterwards, it's a great time to socialize and relax in their beautiful biergarten.

 There's also quite a few "run clubs." Have a favorite brewery? It probably has a run club... Lenny Boy, Triple C, Sycamore... the list goes on.  

Not sure where to work out? Crave variety? Get ClassPass. I'm obsessed! Details HERE.

And if a run club isn't your thing, there is a chess club on West Blvd and Camden Road. Jus saying...

Sign Up For Nextdoor

Get to know your neighbors, buy and sell things (I've done it- so much better and less scary than Craigslist. Thanks for the tip Donna!) and keep up with whatever's going on in your 'hood (from colorful opinions and lost cats to affordable painters and available babysitters.)

Attend Events

Participate in your apartment's bingo and beer night. Go to a local bar for trivia night. Head to a festival. There is no shortage of things to do in this town.  The best way to keep up? Facebook Events. And Charlotte based newsletters like... Charlotte Agenda! Which leads me to my next tip! 

Sign Up For Charlotte Agenda

If you haven't already. They have the pulse of what's happening and what's going to happen here. It's free to sign up for their daily newsletter. They also have an app, which is how I get my fix. We also pay to be "members" of Charlotte Agenda. Benefits include early access to events, discounts, intel and heck, they might even throw in a free shirt or hat. 

Take a Chance!

Ask people to grab coffee- chances are, they're not a native Charlottean. It's never easy to be the first one to ask, but when you routinely see the same person and you're on a "hello, how are you?" type basis, why not extend the branch? You never know what could come from it! I've made a great friend by taking the risk.

P.S. The best coffee shop in town

What have you done to get grounded and make Charlotte feel like home?  Let me know!