What are you doing this weekend?

autumn moccasins
ruby red and burgundy dahlias

We were so spoiled with last Sunday's weather. We spent the day outside (as did everyone else) forgoing our indoor to-do list. On the plus side, the gardening finally got done that was looming since summer. But speaking of outdoor activities, have you seen all the fun things to do here in the Hudson Valley? Check these ideas out, too! The foliage is almost at it's peak- talk about breathtaking. It'd be a perfect weekend to visit Storm King Art Center or The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze! Or to even hop in the car just for a joyride- something we love doing. 

This weekend though, we will be prepping for our annual tag sale. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse the crap out of our lives is our theme song. Do you like getting rid of things, clutter, junk? Since we've always lived in tiny spaces, it's routine for us to go through our belongings and evaluate what we truly need. We're also trying to sell our beautiful Gus Modern sofa, as we've outgrown it. Any takers? Just kidding...

Mr. Wonderful and I will be getting ready for his mom to come stay with us, which we couldn't be happier about. Family time is the best time and I plan on testing out a batch of cinnamon rolls while she's here. Think she'll mind? I've been in quite the baking mood lately, not sure why. 

Plans for the weekend? Hope the beautiful fall weather holds out! Enjoy!