What are you doing this weekend?

greetings! i'm back from a lovely week away in the sunshine state. i snapped this photo on a long walk- it just screams "florida." i know it's been a bit quiet around here but the warmth truly did wonders for my soul and i'm ready to get back to work. 

florida days

we had an amazing trip filled with family, wonderful food, a surprise engagement(!) and you guessed it: relaxation- where the only "work" to be done was on our tan. we sat by the pool, drank cocktails such as the appropriately named paradise found, got all dressed up for fancy date nights, and went for leisurely strolls each day. it was... epic, as my family would say. i was able to check a few things off my winter to do list, too!

but as the song goes, "back to life, back to reality." (children of the 80s/90s don't you love that song?) and that's my m.o. as of late. i've got organization on the brain. there's no time like the beginning of the year to propel us in the right direction. clothing, paper, clutter- everything needs a refresh and reboot. the organization enthusiasm may have a little something to do with this planner. i can keep my schedule, lists, and goals all in one place. hopefully this will remedy my post it note issue... 

aside from the fact that it's freezing and snowing right now (and i'm suffering from vacation withdrawal,) i'm looking forward to the next two days spent getting back on track. 

again, happy new year and have a wonderful weekend, friends!


| kira |