What are you doing this weekend?

autumn pumpkins

So far, Autumn has treated us very well. The weather has been fabulous. Our favorite fall shows have returned (TGIT!) And I spent the day with my mom Thursday. I picked up these beauties from the store. Dahlias are my favorite! I mean, look at those colors. Too bad the combination of frost and drought has ended the season in parts of the Hudson Valley. Until next year...

Mr. Wonderful and I have a fun weekend planned. Not that we don't enjoy a lazy weekend- but let's save those for the long winter. I'll be road testing a pear and apple pie. Last weekend we made pecan pie (with bourbon and bacon!) and a spicy pumpkin pie. I always love -who am I kidding- everyone loves when we road test recipes. Dessert for all and feedback from family and friends to avoid near disasters come the holidays. It's a win-win.

We hope to try a French restaurant and catch a movie. Then on Sunday head to Connecticut for brunch and probably- I mean- definitely house hunt. As in house stalk. You know how I am. We've also got to get some plants in the ground before it gets too cold... eeek. Don't remind me of cold

What are you up to? 

It's the perfect weekend to head to the apple orchard, go for a hike, and visit the farmers market! Or hop in the car or train and take in what is sure to be a fabulous foliage season. Hope yours is a great one. Check out my Hudson Valley Dossier for some fun ideas and inspiration. And happy happy Autumn :)