Welcome to KiraSemple.com

LeighClair.com is now KiraSemple.com! Welcome!

As I'm transitioning into a new career, I felt it was the perfect time to start fresh. 

KiraSemple.com will function as the main hub/center for navigation. The blog, which will lovingly and always remain Leigh Clair, will shift focus to reflect my life here in Charlotte. If you couldn't already tell, I'm in love with living here- so it's only natural for me to want to write about it. As I delve further into real estate, I trust my writing will follow suit. For once, I don't have a perfectly outlined roadmap of what my online space will look like- but truthfully, that excites me even more! I'm so thrilled for the next chapter. 

There aren't many drastic changes besides the website name. I still have the blog, which functions just as it did before. The sidebar is also the same (with a few more social links.) Archives are all there as is the search tool, should you want to look for something specific. If you want to go to the main hub, just click 'Kira Semple' at the top of each page. I think I've covered it all...

Thank you so much for reading and following along. It boggles my mind that I still have such loyal subscribers (and new ones, too) despite how quiet it's been around here. I'm slowly figuring out my schedule and rhythm, which after almost four months feels amazing.