Tools for Staying Organized

Last week I wrote about my schedule and how I tend to be a planner. Here are 6 simple tools, tips, and products that help make my days easier and more organized. They are easy to implement and adapt to your everyday. 

Color Code It

I LOVE my Le Pen set ! I'm not obsessive to the point where "blue is only for ______," but they're especially helpful when I'm getting all my big picture ideas on paper (especially on varying topics!) Plus, they look great on my desk. 

LePen Set

One thing I am guilty of is color coding our grocery lists. I make separate lists (produce, proteins, etc.) so Kevin and I can divide and conquer. If anyone has been to Trader Joe's Danbury, you know it's best to get in and get out as soon as possible or you'll be eaten alive by the sharks-- err, shoppers. 


Use a Discbound Binder

Oh Martha, I love you. I knew it was true love when I'd wake up at 8am on Sunday mornings in elementary school to watch Living. Martha has designed a wonderful line of organizational and customizable products for Staples. When I saw the display, I about died and went to heaven. I have a small discbound binder which allows me to add and remove pages to my liking. I totally got the matching stickers and dividers, too! 


Put the iPhone Away 

It's a terrible habit I have- checking my iPhone subconsciously. Do you, too? To help me stay focused, I put it out of arms reach and turn on do not disturb while working. Technology is wonderful but let's be honest- it can suck us in and kill our productivity (especially when working from home!) This keeps checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to a minimum. 



Water is vital. I drink it constantly and without it, I crash. I was looking for a solution that'd keep me from getting up and filling my glass each hour. After much trial, I found that glass was the material of my dreams. It doesn't get funky like plastic, doesn't taste metallic (stainless steel fail!) and it's easy to clean. Enter myBKR....


I had seen these stylish bottles and I thought, oh, it's just another water bottle. Boy, was I wrong. This thing is with me at all times. They come in amazing colors (although I favor moto and coco) so there's something for everyone and they come in two convenient sizes (16oz and 1L.) And since I consume so much water (usually 3-4 liters/day) myBKR eliminates the waste of plastic bottles and saves me so much time re-filling. Bonus- it's silicone sleeve helps it stay put where I put it- especially helpful when exercising.



I make one for the entire month and check things off over time. It's okay if I don't get to everything. Seeing everything on paper helps me tackle the list and help it feel more manageable. If a monthly list is too daunting, try a weekly list! Either way, you'll be less likely to forget things or miss appointments. 


Manage life with Google Calendar

My life is documented on that program. Seriously, I can tell you when I got my hair cut, when I went to the dentist, and where we had reservations for my birthday...5 years ago. I keep track of events, set reminders (hint: when my credit card is due!) and also use it to keep a schedule for my website content. Bonus- Calendar is a free tool and easily accessible on my iPhone. I often create events/appointments on the spot. Saves me from collecting yet another business card. 

So there you have it. These are the 6 simple, tried and tested ways I stay on track. I hope they prove to be useful. Give some a shot and let me know what you think. And, of course, leave me a comment with your organizational tips! I'd love to hear!