Tips | No. 03 : When You Should Apply Your Skincare

What if I told you that you could maximize the results of your skincare without buying anything new or without switching anything in your routine? I’ve been testing this method on myself all winter long and my face has been much healthier, more moisturized, and incredibly vibrant.

I'll let you in on my little secret: the only thing you need to do is apply your skincare at peak times. Whether your serum brightens, lifts, smooths, or refines, your skin can get the most out of it. (And that's great news, because skincare isn't exactly cheap!) That is, if you pay attention to when you apply it. It’s really, quite simple.

Why you need to apply your skincare at peak times

Peak Application Tip #1

In the morning, after your shower, gently pat your face with a towel. You still want your face to be somewhat moist. And whatever you do, do not open the bathroom door! The steam is your friend. Apply your products- serums, oils, moisturizers, etc. immediately after exiting the shower.This is the peak time for application because your pores are clean and open from the steam of your shower. Products have the perfect opportunity to sink deeply into the skin and get busy beautifying. 

Another Benefit

Applying your skincare immediately after showering also gives your skin ample time to absorb products before makeup. I recommend waiting five minutes between skincare and makeup application to give your foundation and blush the best canvas possible- a deeply hydrated, clean face! You will notice your makeup will go on easier and look smooth, not cake-y with this tip. 

Peak Application Tip #2

In the evenings, start a new habit of washing your face as soon as you get home. The sooner, the better as- you will be getting rid of dirt, makeup, and pollutants that have built up over the course of the day. By washing your face and applying your skincare around 6 p.m. versus 9 p.m., you’re giving your skincare a head start so those active ingredients can really get to work. Instead of a few minutes of absorption, your skincare can sink in for 3-4 hours before you hit the pillow (and continue working while we sleep.) There’s absolutely no point in putting on expensive serums and oils if all they stick to is your pillow- not your face!

Another Benefit

Washing your face early guarantees a clean face before bed. Ladies, we all know that feeling of not wanting to wash our makeup off before bed. The combination of laziness and exhaustion at this time is lethal for our complexion. We all know how bad it is, but we just go to bed anyway. (I know, I've been there!) Why not avoid the issue completely by taking care of business A.S.A.P? Wash and treat before bed and the temptation won’t be an issue.

So, when you’re in the shower or you’re on your way home from work or school, think about your next skincare application. Use your time wisely and to your benefit by adopting one or a few tips from above. You'll notice a definite change and feel relieved that you already washed your face before bed ;) 

Do you have any skincare tips? Any other ways to get the most out of them that I didn't mention? Please do share, I'm always up for learning and trying something new!