Tips From A Cosmetics Industry Expat

In my one year reflection, I mentioned a little something about a new series I wanted to bring to LC readers. When I started blogging, I read that you should have a niche. And while I have a wealth of knowledge on cosmetics and the manufacture of them, I didn't want this space to be just a beauty blog. Put me in a box and I'll be scratching to get out! 

With that said, I do however want to share with folks little tips and tricks I learned along the way, you know, making cosmetics for a few years. These are things I'd share with customers, things I'd tell my friends and family- things you may not know about the beauty biz, shortcuts, and wisdom. We all need wisdom from time to time (ummm, bad hair day anyone?! i can help!)

So without any further ado, I am pleased to introduce...

Tips From A Cosmetics Industry Expat.

Tips From A Cosmetics Industry Expat | No. 01


Whether you wear makeup or not (and especially if you do) taking one extra step in your routine will yield profound results. The double cleanse method will really ensure your pores are as clean as can be. If not, trapped dirt, oil, and makeup can wreak havoc on your skin.

Even when using my clarisonic, the single cleanse was leaving behind residue (evident on my towel) and all the while, I'd continue with my serum and moisturizer, essentially sealing in whatever was left behind. So not good, ladies (and gents!) 

Two types of cleansers are needed in this method: - an oil based cleanser and a traditional cleanser. My favorite oil based cleansers are:

For a traditional cleanser, I'm a fan of Neutrogena's Naturals Bar Soap and liquid cleanser. Any other non oil based cleanser is perfect for round two- even a powder cleanser. I am obsessed with Nude Skincare's Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash (it smells divine!)

tips from a cosmetics industry expat : why you should be washing your face twice.

Why It Works


Oil dissolves dirt, product, sweat, etc. from your skin. Your second cleanse will be more effective since you've already removed all that junk from your skin during the first cleanse. Otherwise, you're basically pushing your makeup around and worse- even further into your pores with a single cleanse. 

Keep in mind, this is only a nighttime ritual. And yes, I know you're tired when you're getting ready for bed already, but trust me on this tip- your face will thank you.

Have any questions about this technique? Have you tried double cleansing before? I'd love to hear! 


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