What are you doing this weekend?

beautiful christmas wreath


well, folks, we are in the home stretch of the holidays. the christmas cards are in the mail, the house is decorated, the menu is all set. and this weekend is our last hurrah for shopping. have you gotten it all done?

need some ideas? last minute gifts for anyone and everyone right here.

also on the agenda: making a big batch of yule bark (as i lovingly call it.) while i adore peppermint bark, i experimented with a new flavor combination- orange and pistachio. heaven. 

we will be finalizing the shopping list for our christmas day feast. it's such a special day filled with family and not one but two big meals (we do brunch and dinner.)

food plays such a big part of our holiday traditions. and that got me thinking: i have yet to eat a slice of panettone this season. i've committed an Italian crime. 

here's a fun (okay, funny) tradition we have in our family. wait for it....

the annual panettone competition. for the last 5 years, we've been buying, tasting, and rating every panettone we've gotten our hands on. amongst my bills and most important files is a very special folder entitled "panettone."i am so serious.

the perfect panettone, well, we haven't found it yet. but there are some near perfect ones out there. we rate them in the following categories on a 5 point scale: 

  • texture
  • sweetness
  • fruit content
  • moistness
  • overall flavor

if you are a panettone connoisseur, i am gladly taking suggestions. so far, the highest rated panettone is ferrara brand from italy. we rated it in 2009 and 2013. and it's still top loaf. it's final average score was a 4.5, in case you are curious. 

can you guess what i'll be picking up from the store this weekend?

have a great one :)


| kira |