What Are You Doing This Weekend? {plus some helpful thanksgiving tips!}

I'm terribly excited... that Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

This weekend, we will be shopping- undoubtedly with the rest of the human population (smh.) Pantry items and things that don't spoil are on the list. And the good stuff... bourbon, anyone? 

Also on the agenda: cataloging my massive magazine collection. I'm generally not a hoarder, but I seem to have an affinity for paper goods- books (mostly cookbooks,) notebooks busting at the seams with ideas and thoughts, card stock/card making materials, and of course, magazines.

collection of Canadian house and home magazine

I have an extensive collection of Real Simple (2002-present) and Martha Stewart publications (gosh do I miss Whole Living and Everyday Food!) I also collect magazines that happen to feature my favorite homes, because yes, I do have favorites all around the world. Like this one. Or this one.

Inspo for the someday dream home, you know. 

magazine heaven

Another beloved member of the collection is Canadian House and Home. (can you tell?!) And anything Canadian, for that matter! HGTV, Sarah Richardson, Club Monaco, Eco Diva... the list goes on. 

 *Sidenote* Hello Canadian friends and readers- there are quite a few of you. Thanks for stopping by! xx :) 

Now for all you magazine lovers out there, here's a word from the wise: just subscribe. Bite the bullet. You'll save money as opposed to purchasing a la carte. I've been known to drop a hundred bucks on magazines in a single shopping trip. (The worst is before a flight, when Mr. Wonderful obliges even though my stack of 'zines will inherently make our luggage that much harder, I mean heavier to transport! ) Insert embarrassed face emoji here. Don't start that habit. Just subscribe and your heart will be happy. 

Also to note: I've started a Cook's Illustrated collection. I have their cookbooks and watch America's Test Kitchen so why not fully commit? They provide home cooks with some amazing tips and explanations. And last but not least, I have a collection dedicated to: Gwyneth Paltrow and all her covers, anything and everything Ina Garten, and all the press/features received for the company at which I used to work. 

Now if you think that's a mouth-full, you should see the room all this paper takes up! 

Enough of the magazines! Thanksgiving is next week (!!!)

Here are some fun, in the spirit of Turkey Day links that are actually, very useful! 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


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