Beautifying Vitamin + Supplement Guide

Today I'm dishing on the 3 vitamins that I simply can't live without plus 2 extras that pack a serious wellness punch. I've noticed some amazing and positive differences in my health and overall wellbeing since adopting these into my everyday routine. Besides nourishing our insides, these supplements possess some awesome beautifying properties too! Find out how to get long, thick hair, glowing skin, and a little pep in your step below!

The Beautifying Vitamin and Supplement Guide - Leigh Clair

The Essentials


A multivitamin- shocker! Well, instead of a regular ol' multivitamin, I actually take prenatal multivitamins even though I am not pregnant nor do I plan on becoming pregnant any time soon. I take these because in addition to covering all the essential vitamins and minerals we need, these have probiotics, too! Things stay more regular (tmi, sorry!) and I love saving money by streamlining my vitamin routine. I don't need to purchase or take probiotics separately. I first wrote about NewChapter's Perfect Prenatal here and I'm still a huge fan to this day. I swear by these! 

Beautifying benefit: These multis make your hair grow like weeds. I mean that in the best way possible. I recently cut my hair and in the last 2 months, along with these habits, my hair has really grown- almost 2 inches! Besides hair, these multis contribute to the health, strength and incredibly fast growth of my nails too. If you happen to get gel manicures (like me!) these vitamins help nourish and revitalize nails, which also need a little TLC, too.


I have been loving The Honest Company's DHA Complete Supplement. They have a strawberry flavor (and scent) which helps make those fishy burps and aftertaste null and void. In addition to the high quality fish oil, there is also 1000 IU of Vitamin D in these. 

Beautifying benefit: Omega fatty acids are great for our brain, mood, digestion- you name it. They also can help reduce inflammation, which is related to many diseases including cancer, asthma, and depression to name a few. Omegas contribute to the health of our hair and skin as well. My hair is shinier and livelier when I'm taking these. And my skin is noticeably more clear and radiant. Enough said...

Vitamin D

Yes, I get plenty with my multi and omega; however, I've found that my body feels and runs better with more Vitamin D. We get it from the sun and certain fish. But since sunlight is scarce during the cold, grey months (in NY that's basically from November-April.) I like to supplement. Vitamin D is essential to our body's functions and benefits our bones, teeth, immune system, nervous system, and more (the list goes on.)

I'm not going to lie, I love that these are gummy vitamins. They taste like strawberry (guess I have a thing for strawberry, eh?) and are a nice change from the typical 'down the hatch' pill forms. These ones by Vitafusion are by far my favorite Vitamin D gummies. 

Beautifying benefit: Vitamin D can reduce stress. In fact, I always feel more calm when they're part of my daily routine. Stress can age us (helllooo premature wrinkles!) and even lead to hair loss. Healthy hair follicles actually contain Vitamin D whereas unhealthy ones don't. Vitamin D can also help our weight loss efforts, as it can aid our blood pressure and blood sugar. What's not to love about this vitamin? 

The Extras

Now, these are completely optional. I don't take these supplements as religiously as I do the others but when I do, I notice an upward trend in my energy. This is helpful when I know my day will be extra long or when I have a tough workout ahead of me. 

Both superfoods, blue green algae and coconut oil possess wonderful, energizing properties. They're both chock full of nutrients. If you're craving natural energy, listen up! I've written about these before, head on over and read this post to get the full scoop so you can reap the benefits of these super supplements. 

What are your must haves in the vitamin and supplement department? Anything I'm missing out on? I'd love to know what everyone else likes to take!