The Best Products for Blonde Hair

the best line of products for blonde hair

As a recent blonde, I've had the challenge of maintaining it now for a few months. I've found that upkeep and restoring the health of my hair after coloring are key. Fellow blondes, can you agree? 

When I first pondered the idea of going lighter I started my research on how to care for it. I know it's a bit extreme, but (I do my homework and) this is a long term investment- I wanted to find out the best way to protect it, as i was terrified how color would affect my untouched, virgin dark brown hair. 

I found a few options, but one brand stood out to me most: Julien Farel. Maybe you read this post where I uncovered the secret of Olivia Palermo's glossy locks. And ever since then, I knew I had to try these products. 

The driving force behind Julien Farel's line is anti-aging for your hair. Think about it: We are obsessed with keeping our faces young- why not care for our hair in the same way? jf's products are treatment focused in the following categories:

  • hydrate (for normal to dry hair)
  • vitamin (for color and chemically treated hair) 
  • zero frizz (for coarse or curly hair) 

Each line is like a tailored spa treatment for your hair. the vitamin line helps my hair recoup from the stress of my regular salon appointments. it's chock full of Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol and Bioflavonoids to restore and nourish the hair and scalp.

What I Love

The vitamin shampoo is thick and rich. The hand feel is luxurious, almost like liquid cashmere (if you can imagine that.) Best part is that you only need a quarter size of this stuff. And I've got a thick head of hair...

The vitamin condition is also thick and creamy in consistency. I like to apply and let it really do some magic for 5 minutes then comb it through from roots to ends. I finish by rinsing with warm water then a cool burst to seal in the shine.

P.S. here's how to wash your hair. 

the number one treatment for color treated hair. here's how to use it!

Twice a week, I use ^^this^^ vitamin restore (it's like a glaze) and have had terrific results! Here's how:

  • first i brush my dry hair with my trusty mason pearson. this removes all tangles and ensures the restore will penetrate my scalp to the best of its abilities.
  • i part my hair in the center and apply the product directly from the bottle (it has a nice, fine tip for this purpose!) along the part.
  • from there, I use my fingers to move the product down to the roots, as if i am finger combing it to the tips, all the while adding more product to my hands...
  • i add until my hair's practically soaked with product and i can run my fingers through it with ease.
  • then i throw it up in a pony tail and hop in the shower and let it sit for a good 6-8 minutes, trying to avoid direct contact with water. 
  • i take down the pony tail and mix my hair with water, creating a nice rich cream. then i comb comb comb! 
  • i finish my treatment by rinsing very thoroughly.

alternatively, you can add the restore to wet hair while in the shower. it's a matter of preference.

either way i promise you shiny, bouncy, vibrant and noticeably healthier locks after use.

The Verdict?

julien farel's are outstanding- definitely dossier worthy. They do what they say they will do. They protect your investment and the health of your hair. Because hey, the salon ain't cheap and can wreak major havoc. oh, the things we do for beauty...

These products were designed to go deep down into your scalp and deliver all types of youth inducing goodies- ingredients you'd find in a facial serum- like Echinacea, Edelweiss Stem Cells and Vitamins b, c, and e, among others.

Best of all, for those of us who color our hair, the vitamin line helps prevent color fade, it clarifies, and it nourishes the tresses. After all we put our hair through, these products deliver the tlc it really craves. 

While I adore the trio of vitamin products, if you only get one product, get the vitamin restore to truly invigorate your color treated hair.

DOSSIER : Julien Farel Vitamin Restore



what it does : RESTOREs HEALTH and nutrients TO STRESSED OUT HAIR


price : $33 FOR 8.5 FL. OZ.


where to purchase : JULIENFAREL.COM


discount available : 20% OFF $75+ for Subscribing to NEWSLETTER

cheers to healthy hair, blondies!


| kira |