How To Never Lose A Sock Again

never lose a sock in the laundry again.

Sounds silly, right? But I'm sure you've fallen victim. laundry: 1. You: 0. A battle many of us have lost...

I have a thing for socks- good socks, whether wool or high quality synthetic. Mr. Wonderful worked for an outdoor shop back in his college days and we accumulated more pairs or socks than I care to admit. I still have most of those socks today- talk about great investment! But, i'd hate it when one would go rogue on me. oh the perils of not having laundry in your apartment. 

Fast forward to a day in the Real Simple section of Bed Bath and Beyond, I found myself with 4 of these laundry bags. I purchased with the sole intention of washing delicates in them but then had an epiphany: why not delegate socks to one?

Well, we haven't lost a sock since that purchase. 



how to never lose a sock in the laundry again

location, location, location

These laundry bags have a handy "o" shaped zipper that allows me to hang them on a hook near our laundry baskets. If placed elsewhere, it'd be tempting to not use the bag. Out of sight, out of mind, ya know? 

separate asap

Take off your socks and place in the bag, not along with the rest of your dirty clothes. By keeping all the socks together, they will stay together. Power in numbers, k? k.

wash in bag

Wash the bag of socks along with the rest of your clothes. No special treatment here.

dry socks with socks only

Take the socks out of the bag to dry them. and Separately, as this is really the only way to keep them all accounted for. this step also expedites the folding and putting away process. it's a win-win. 

And that's all. It's a simple trick and a few steps but truly, a game changer. at $4 a bag, why would you want to lose another sock again? 

So tell me, do you ever use wash bags? For delicates or for any other items? Or any other use? I'm sure there are a bunch of ways to utilize them. spill!

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