The Future

This month's theme from the gals at the B Bar is the future. They've posed the following question for May's linkup: 

What are you doing (now) to prepare for your future. And what do you think you should start doing to create a better future for yourself?

pink peonies - photo by kira semple

I've tried to stop thinking about the future so much and do my best to make the most of present life. How's that for irony?

It's been a wonderful discovery- to realize how fortunate I am, how loved I am, and just how important the small things in life are. It's a "stop and smell the roses" mentality. No, a stop and savor the roses mentality. It wasn't always this way. Let me backtrack...

I've always been motivated by the future. Growing up, I was (and still am) mature beyond my years. I didn't know what that meant as a little girl- I only knew I was a bit different from the rest of the pack. I was a bookworm. I read, I studied, I knit (ha!) and rarely spent time with people my own age. My grandmother was my best friend- we shopped, cooked, crafted, and traveled together. I guess that's par for the course when you're an only child for 7 years. I got my first job at 15 and met my husband when I was 16. I moved to North Carolina a month after my 18th birthday and got a big girl job right after college. I got married at 23 and I've got 6 moves under my belt. Sometimes I forget I'm only 26...

You see, I feel like I've experienced things at a different rate than others, especially those my age (at least the folks I know.) And over the years, I've always been working towards a better future, diligently keeping my eye on the prize. The "prize" could be anything- a promotion, a perfect GPA, a new apartment, growing my bank account, etc. I've put far too much pressure on myself preparing, thinking, and even worrying about the future (which is nuts because it doesn't even exist!) I attribute the pressure to my inherent maturity and my desire to chase goals. Anyone else relate? 

Too much energy spent focused on what's ahead can truly wear you down. And what's worse, you never give yourself time to stop and smell those roses and appreciate all you have! Life is sweet and life is short. So I made the decision to be present, to enjoy life in its current state. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful- I want to soak all of it up. And stop chasing the future so fervently. Because the fear of life passing me by is far greater than the fear of the unknown future. 

Can't wait to read everyone's responses! Check them out: