Our Thanksgiving {and some inspiration}

You know my favorite holiday is Halloween. But if we had to pick a favorite joint holiday, it's Thanksgiving for Mr. Wonderful and I. We cook each and every year. And I usually start thinking about the menu in... wait for it... JULY. Can't help who I am. I know, I've got issues. But seriously, it's the one day where calories have no bearing on what enters this tummy. Carbs? Load 'em up. Booze? Hell yeah. And sweets!? When in Rome...

So, since I let my hair down, so to say (and subsequently loosen my belt) we take the menu incredibly serious which is probably why I start dreaming about it 4 months prior.

Here's what we will be enjoying this year: hot toddies, herb roasted turkey breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry conserve, roasted brussels sprouts with hazelnuts, turnip puree, chestnut and sausage stuffing, and buttery hot rolls. Am I forgetting anything? Oh dessert- DUH! While we love the classics, I want to find some new ones: a pumpkin roulade and pecan squares fit the bill. 

A bit much? I'm not sure what is normal. This is our normal. 

For decor, I like to forage in the woods for branches with leaves that scream autumn. It is our last hurrah before Winter, after all. White candles are always present in our house and we favor large, ivory serving platters for everything. Something Ina taught me years go. She's taught me so much. 

As the day gets closer, your mailbox is inundated with black friday sale-a-palooza, and the lines at the grocery seem to grow exponentially. It's terrible, I know. Why not enjoy some lovely thanksgiving inspiration...?

Think: earthy and drop dead gorgeous moodiness with elegant food, dramatic flowers, foraged goodies, and champagne- of course! 

an earthy thanksgiving moodboard

This a departure from the holiday table scape, make no mistake. It's always fun to dream and pick up bits and pieces that can translate to your table setting/decor. Here's a few ways to interpret the inspiration into reality: 

wine hued florals and leaves, brass flatware, a spicy, seasonal cake (as opposed to the typical pumpkin pie,) handmade acorn/walnut place card holders, delicate champagne flutes, and an eye-catching black linen table-runner (not the standard white tablecloth.) 

Let the countdown begin: Turkey Day is a mere 16 days away. Needless to say I am excited.

And hungry.

For more inspiration, look no further than my Seasonal Board on Pinterest. 


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