Tata Harper's Concentrated Brightening Serum

I've been waiting to share this serum with you guys- because I wanted to take the time to really use it before coming to any conclusions. The verdict? Tata Harper's Concentrated Brightening Serum is something I've become obsessed with. As you know, I used to manufacture natural cosmetics so this product- no scratch that- Tata's entire line is right up my alley. Get the details for glowing, bright skin below!

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum Review - Leigh Clair

First thing's first- this serum smells amazing. If you haven't taken a whiff of any Tata products, find some ASAP. They all have a similar scent- fresh and floral-y but never chokingly sweet. Think, a bounty of fresh flowers just cut from the garden. Each time I apply, it's like being at the spa. Aromatherapy, anyone? This is because Tata's products are powered by plants. They are 100% nontoxic, safe, and made in Vermont. The quality of her products, quite simply, can't be replicated or beat! 

Secondly, this formula is soft, gentle, and effective. My main skin concerns are texture and clarity. I have some scarring from acne/dark spots and I suffer from congested pores (which usually leads to me pick which then leads to more scarring- terrible, I know.) Since adopting the Concentrated Brightening Serum into my regimen, my skin's clarity and texture have improved so much. Now my complexion is radiant and my skin tone is more even. So much that my husband said I was glowing (!!!) the other night. I give most credit to this serum but this magical device may also have something to do with that glow... just sayin'! 

*Do take note, that this product, although a serum, doesn't feel like your typical serum (not that that's a bad thing.) In my opinion, it's more like a lotion. But I don't mind because this stuff is incredibly rich and hydrating. I mix it in with my other skincare faves to make a potent, skin quenching beauty cocktail

Okay, back to the review!

Third, I am obsessed with the packaging! Tata Harper is 100% luxury. The bottle is so beautifully feminine yet sturdy. Packaging, although not crucial to all, is the icing on the cake for me. (I've packaged and labeled more products than I can count.) The difference between so-so packaging and marketing and great marketing and packaging is the power to make you feel special when using the product. Tata nails it. I feel (and smell) like I'm getting a powerful skincare treatment at a luxe spa. 

Have any questions about the Concentrated Brightening Serum? Ask away. It is pricy but the reviews on Tata's site are all pretty solid. And I stand behind it, too. In case you were wondering, I actually won a Pinterest contest thrown by Tata Harper and this serum was part of the incredibly generous and awesome care package I received. The contest involved creating a Pinterest Board called "Season of Love" inspired by anything and everything that we love. I am so pleased with the end result!

P.S. I had so much fun creating the Season of Love board AND the folks at Tata Harper liked it so much that they asked me to create another board for their SuperNatural Collection, which is Tata's most luxurious and powerful line of products (the Concentrated Brightening Serum is part of it.) Think: all natural glamour with hints of green, ivory and gold. I love how it came out! Hop on over to Pinterest to be inspired and get to know the brand (and my pinning style) a bit more.