What Order Do I Apply Skincare?

I was asked this question not too long ago. And my opinion on the matter has changed. I think my updated answer is worth sharing, because it's my little secret skincare weapon- the beauty cocktail!

The order you should apply your oils, serums, and moisturizers! - Leigh Clair

But first...

When I first started manufacturing and selling cosmetics, Which product do I apply first? was a common question, especially among beauty novices and men. I would reply by telling the person to layer products one by one, beginning with the lightest in texture and ending with the heaviest. So, after cleansing and toning, you would then apply an oil, then serum, and finally a moisturizer. In theory, this works. But in reality, especially in the mornings when we're trying to get out the door, who has time to let each product sink in? And what if you're using more than one treatment or serum? (Which is something I swear by.) Of course, you can get away with this technique in the evenings when time is no issue. But taking the day's dirt and makeup off is a task in itself. And I tend to want to get the process done as soon as possible so I can watch Grey's Anatomy or Game of Thrones. Priorities...

So, one day I thought, why not apply everything, whatever it is you're using- oil, serum, and moisturizer, etc. all at once? Save time and simplify your routine by making your own powerful, one-shot beauty cocktail. Think of this technique as an equal opportunity for all your products to get to work. Why? Because they are all applied at the same time, guaranteeing that each product will be fully absorbed into your clean skin. I've been making my own beauty cocktail for over a year. My skin is looking its best and I've saved so much time getting ready. It's a win-win situation. 

The beauty cocktail couldn't be more simple and it's totally customizable. With clean hands, dispense your moisturizer, serum(s), oil(s), and even sunscreen in the palm of your hand. Mix to combine then apply all over your face and neck. You'll notice how amazing all the products combined feel and how smoothly they sink into your skin. Just don't forget about your eye cream, which should be applied separately. To really enhance your results and go one step further, use an anti-aging, toning device. This will help your beauty cocktail reach its full potential and get deeply into your skin. It's a must for me (my skin is beyond soft and supple!) 

That's it, folks. It's foolproof, saves time, and with it, our skincare works harder and better for us. Give it a try- I'd love to know what you think of the beauty cocktail.