The Best Do It All, Dry Skin Cure You Need!

Introducing: the first inaugural product in the LC Dossier! It had to be something I use and depend on each and every day. This beauty balm changed my skin- heck, it changed my life. Prior to using it, my face was dry and flaky- no matter what I tried. Not cool, especially when you work in skincare- the health of your skin says it all, right? 

If I could take one thing with me on a desert island, this is the product. It functions as a face wash, makeup remover, face and body moisturizer, lip balm, and so much more. And you know how much I love multi tasking products! Washing your face with a balm may seem like unchartered territory, but try it- you'd be surprised. Read below to find out how I cleanse and moisturize with One Love Organics Skin Savior.

Now, my skin's clarity has improved and (duh!) it's moisturized and happy. My makeup application is so much smoother; in fact, I mix a little Skin Savior with my mineral makeup for a flawless and dewy finish. My face is radiant and my makeup lasts all day. All with the help of this single product. What more could a girl ask for? 

Bonus: This tub lasts for months and it smells amazing. People stop and ask to smell my face. Spencer, I'm talking to you. 

skin savior | leigh clair

1. Apply a small amount to your hands and rub. 

2. Next apply to your face and massage it in, just as you would with a traditional cleanser. Bonus: it removes makeup too! I let it soak into my pores for a little while (usually while I brush my teeth.) 

3. Now, get a washcloth and run it under the hottest water you can tolerate. Be careful not to burn yourself! Moisten the washcloth and wring it out. Put over your face and let the steam work some magic for oh, 10-15 seconds.

4. In a downward motion, wipe your face with the washcloth and with it, you'll pull out all the dirt and makeup from your face- you'll see what I mean.

5. Give your face a quick rinse with warm water then pat dry. Follow with a more Skin Savior. I also rub it all over my lips and hands before bed.

6. Smile and enjoy.