Cult Beauty Favorites Get The Green Treatment

i'm always trying to make better, healthier choices in life. be it in food, fashion, or beauty products. while not each and every thing i currently own is "green," it's a goal of mine to green whatever i can, in time. 

we are what we eat, we are what we repeatedly do, we are what we apply and expose ourselves to... this has become very clear in the last few years. and i'm thrilled more people are taking notice.

as a product junkie and former manufacturer or cosmetics, it's been an eye opening experience learning just what goes into products we use. i'm pretty picky (that's an understatement, i know...) and am always looking for the next, best, better, more improved, healthier, greener version of x, y, or z. 

enter my latest finds of cult classics that have gotten the green treatment! 

easy swaps for your cult beauty classics

so next time you're at the makeup counter, give some eco-friendly brands a try. you need not green your entire life. but making a simple swap can get you going in the right direction. and luckily, you won't be sacrificing quality because these brands are fixtures in my beauty arsenal and trust me, they are superb.