Don't Leave Home Without This

Okay, so this may seem rather silly. So I'll keep this month's dossier down-low short and sweet. 

After a family vacation (13 of us in total) in close quarters, there is one thing I can no longer live without: 

spray before you go

Poo-Pourri. There, I said it!

I know, the name is absurd and it may really seem like a gimmick but trust me when I say this stuff has been one of the best discoveries I've made- ever! I never leave the house without it and I've got a supply in all of our bathrooms. It's so effective and discreet, it's become a necessity. 

Let's be real, we all go to the bathroom. So why not make it more pleasant not only for you but for whoever uses the bathroom next? I consider it a form of good manners when I spray-spray before I go-go. I pretty much use it no matter what- it's like my signature scent- ha! think of it as... a preventative and polite measure. 

Once you try this concoction of essential oils, you'll be hooked. I've given them to the entire family as gifts. They actually smell rather pleasant- and there's something for everyone scent-wise from tough and masculine to soft and feminine. 

You can read about the deets here. I'll leave it to the experts to get technical with ya. If you give this stuff a try, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. You simply need to look past the silliness of it all because it truly is a miracle worker. 

p.s. my go-to scent is lavender vanilla. and ladies, if you like philosophy brand fragrances, you must try heavenscent.

main image via the coveteur