Gifts for Mr. Wonderful

Today is November 25th. That means Christmas is in 30 days. T-h-i-r-t-y days, friends. Christmas will be here in a jiffy.

Have you shopped yet for the men in your life?

Just as I shared with you some beautiful gifts for the lucky lady in your life, everyone surely has their own Mr. Wonderful- say a dad, husband, grandfather, uncle, boyfriend, cousin, best friend, brother, son... 

Who deserves only the best, too!

gift ideas for men

If you are unsure of what to gift the man in your life, I highly suggest introducing him to a great pair of socks. No, scratch that- these are the best socks. Trust me- he'll never go back to cotton once his feet fall in love with these Vermont made gems. 

Is he into gadgets? How about a classic watch or multi-use tool? Two things a man should have in his repertoire...

Or a timeless Mason Pearson- because a happy marriage involves a Mason Pearson for each of us. Plus it's an heirloom he will keep forever.

How about a new pair of frames? Warby Parker has every style under the sun. We love them so much, we have a small collection. Why not start one for your mister? 

And his new favorite pair of headphones- because music simply sounds best through these. Oh and bonus- they fold! 

These are all outstanding gifts your Mr. Wonderful will love and appreciate. Gifts that will keep him warm and cozy, looking (and smelling!) his best, and have him whipping up the best cocktails in no time. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving, y'all.

Merry merry to you and all the mister wonderfuls out there!


| kira |