LC Turns One!

today marks an official year blogging! since it coincides with the close of the year, it felt oh so appropriate to reflect...

leigh clair turns 1!

first thing's first! what a joy and honor it's been to share this little space of the internet with you. As some may already know, I quit my job in cosmetics with no plans but to discover in life what makes me tick. This blog is and has been my (ever-changing) vehicle to happiness. 

Writing and sharing what inspires me- be it a recipe, a killer house, my personal musings or a beauty tip- I simply can't get enough of it. With this platform I'm able to be creative yet regimented- two characteristics that make me, me. discovering that has paved the way for a fulfilling and rewarding year both personally and professionally. 

one year ago to the day of my first official post on went live (the posts before that were from a blog I had prior then moved to this platform.) I've come so far- from learning how to design a website, finding my voice, teaching myself photoshop, and nailing down a schedule. Boy, it wasn't easy. And as many bloggers will tell you, there were times I wanted nothing to do with this- when I wanted to call it quits.

Frustration, stress, feeling lost, and as if no one cared are all things I fell victim to this first year. I believe though, that they're par for the course... growing pains, if you will. i've learned not only that they're temporary but that these pains have taught me so much about myself, what i'm capable of, and that why yes, i'm strong. 

Aside from the not so great moments, I've had some splendid ones, too!

Like when I wrote this post (literally within 30 days of starting this website) and it went viral. It is still the most popular post (and pin) to date and was even featured in a beauty bets newsletter! 

Or when someone writes to tell me just how much they love a product I recommended. Or that they just get "my style" or "my taste." 

How about my nearly 10,000 followers on Pinterest? Not too shabby.

And all that pinning paid off, as being asked to join a special group on Pinterest users called Pinfluencers was so exciting.

Finally! Getting down the logo, the layout, and the style of lc once and for all really put my mind at ease. Thanks for sticking around throughout all the housekeeping ;) 

In leigh clair's second year...

I hope to keep learning, keep sharing, and keep interacting with my readers. 

I'd love to make some new friends in the blogosphere and nurture the relationships in place with existing ones. 

Instagram is one platform I need to keep working at. It's just not a natural inclination I have to document life with my phone. I'm getting better, I promise. 

I've been brainstorming hard on new content to bring to you. Keep those eyes peeled for an original series inspired by... you guessed it: cosmetics!

Lastly, i want to remind myself to never stop growing, creating or believing in what it is i'm doing. 

Happy one year, leigh clair! And cheers to many more.

Thank you so much for reading, pinning, and connecting with me on this journey, friends!


| kira |

main image via hellobee