House Huntress : Puck Penthouse Perfection

Rumor has it the Puck Building may be getting some new inhabitants in the form of Kimye. Disclaimer: I'm pro-Kimye- they have an amazing sense of style from clothing to interiors and everything in between. I can honestly say Kim's style has improved tenfold since she and Mr. West got together. I had an attack of happiness when she got rid of all those colorful frocks and shoes in her closet a few seasons ago on Keeping Up. I'm drifting...

Okay, so word: is Kim was spotted checking out this $21 million penthouse at 293 Lafayette Street in Nolita aka Penthouse VI - it's fancy name for fancy's sake- we are in Manhattan, y'all. Apparently Kanye's two bedroom Soho pad is a bit cramped and we are anxiously awaiting the news of a second baby... could this be a sign? 

The floor plan for PHVI is amazing- I really love it. Two master baths and two closets- the only thing I'm dying to know is: who will get the larger one!? A grand entry and lots of places for to hang contemporary art- it has Kimye written all over it. The kitchen is fabulous and dramatic and the living/dining spaces are gracious and light-filled. Overall, this place is pretty fab. 

Another neat tidbit- The Puck Building conversion has been completed by Mr. Ivanka Trump aka Jared Kushner. The rich just run in rich circles, don't they?! I'm getting side tracked again...

Here's what the (maybe) Kimye NYC pad might look like: 

Kim and Kanye's new digs?
Lofty Living at the Puck Building
Puck Penthouse
Puck Penthouse NYC
Kim and Kanye's new master?
Lovely dark kitchen with beautiful ceiling detail
Amazing Marble Master Bath
The Fabulous Puck Building Manhattan
Puck Penthouse VI | Floor Plan

I can totally see Kim and Kanye living here. Sexy downtown location? Check. Historic details with modern conveniences? Check. Lots of room for little North and perhaps expanding brood? Hmm, not so sure. 5,000 square feet is a bit tight, no?

Jury's out... for now. We will have to wait and see or Keep Up with the damn Kardashians as they put it. 

In the meantime, check out the listing here. And say hi to the listing agent for me- his name is Raphael DeNiro or something....ha! Talk about a pedigree(!) This unit is oh so fun to name drop on. Again, I'm getting sidetracked. Forgive me, I'm almost done. 

On a final note, happy house hunting to the Wests! I know where ever they choose to live will be as fabulous and chic as they are! The end!