One Luxe Body Butter

As the air gets colder and drier, my skin begs for moisture. I'm a sort of hit or miss type of girl when it comes to moisturizing. I should make it part of my routine but some days, I just forget. 

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Until this body butter came into my life.

Meet Josie Maran's Whipped Argan Oil. It's a seriously rich and thick body butter. It feels like liquid silk as it hits your skin. It's not greasy and gives skin a supple, quenched look and feel. This whipped tub of perfection sinks into the skin beautifully- almost melting and becoming one with it, creating a protective layer between you and the elements. I've never experienced anything like this before. 

It's superb. And provides moisture for 24 hours thanks to the aloe, argan oil, sunflower seed oil, and shea butter that this stuff if chock full of. 

josie maran whipped argan oil review. click to find out how it keeps skin moisturized for a full 24 hours!

Here's a little story about this luxe butter and me. As you may or may not know, I'm not a huge fan of scented things. I can handle only so much before it goes to my head and boom- instaheadache. When I was a cosmetics manufacturer, I took particular relish in the step just before adding essential oils to a batch of say, cleanser or lotion. Unscented products don't compete with other things, nor do they make me sick. It's a win-win. Who's with me? 

For some reason, Mr. Wonderful and I started the odd (and awesome!) habit of watching QVC while we lived in our cottage. Josie is like the deputy sheriff of Q-ville. We got to know her very well. 

Now, you've probably seen Josie Maran products at Sephora, which is where I usually shop. But only at QVC did Josie present this miracle butter in an unscented version. I never ordered it...

And waited... and waited... and searched high and low for a scent free jar. 

Crickets... for more than a year. I was kicking myself for not jumping on the opportunity. 

Then, a few months ago I flipped on the tube and bam! There it was- the Unscented Whipped Argan Oil on QVC. You know I ordered it asap and have been obsessed ever since it arrived on my doorstep. Now, (of course!) a few months later Josie is selling a jumbo size of it for a killer price (19oz. for $52.) What a great deal! And while I'm tempted, I still have most of my jar left. 

This stuff lasts forever. In the best way. A little goes a long way. The ingredients are magnificent. And the texture is by far the best I've seen in a body butter. I use it daily after showering- it's a fixture in my beauty routine. And religiously before bed on my hands and elbows. 

If you'd like a scented version, Josie does not disappoint- there are a wide variety of options from lavender citrus to vanilla fig and some seasonal offerings in her be comforted line. I highly recommend trying this stuff, y'all. 

Your winter skin will thank you. Elbows, knees, heels, cuticles- anywhere you need relief, this stuff provides it. 

Cheers to quenched and happy skin.