Revive Your Hair In 3 Steps

I don’t know about you, but I love (LOVEEEEE) getting my hair done. There is something so transformative and uplifting about getting your hair 'did' and walking out of the salon like a new woman. 

For 25 years, I was pretty much a hair color virgin. I got a few highlights in freshman year of high school- they don’t really count, do they? And after toying with the idea of going blonde for a few months (I was born with a random streak of blonde hair just behind my left ear- that was my inspiration) I took the plunge. My natural color is a deep, dark brunette. As much as I wanted to go from zero to blonde, my stylist wrangled me back to reality and started with some lighter brown highlights. I loved how they instantly warmed up my complexion. I was addicted. 

Of course, the subtle color change was not enough and I wanted more. So back I went three times, asking for more color until the fourth visit, I decided I wanted to go blonde- FULL ON BLONDE! So I did, and I loved it. But ugh, the upkeep! I was ill prepared for how much was involved in keeping up appearances. And I was terrified as to how my hair would change in texture and health if I kept the blonde up. This line of products saved me from what could have been much worse. Two words: anti-aging haircare (#genius!) But enough was enough... 

And about two months ago, I asked my stylist to bring me back to my natural color so I could give my hair a total vacation from bleach, dye, toners, purple shampoos, etc. It needed a recharge. And I like change, so I was happy to be brunette again. I promptly made a game plan on how to get my locks back in tiptop, pre-hair color shape! Say goodbye to damage and revive your hair in three easy steps:

How To Revive Your Hair: A 3 Step Plan to Healthy Hair - Leigh Clair

First thing’s first:

Stop shampooing daily! Heck, stop shampooing every other day. It's worth it, I promise! This was a major adjustment for me, as I used to wash three to four times a week. Every fourth day was a learning curve. Saviors include dry shampoo, pony tails, and sleek buns. Shampoo was designed to rid our scalp and hair of dirt, product and oil; however it can be very drying if used in excess. The oil our scalp produces is in fact very healthy for us- it gives hair natural texture and provides moisture to dry, brittle, and frizzy (and over processed!) locks. Don't get rid of it! 

Are you washing your hair the right way or the wrong way?


Take special care to brush your hair each day. I prefer to do this at night, right before bed. Brushing with the right type of brush stimulates your scalp and promotes all kinds of wonderful things: growth, oil production, moisture, and oh yeah, it feels really nice too! 

Throw out your drugstore brush: Why you need a Mason Pearson! (pictured above) 

Last but not least:

Supplement with oil. You read correctly- more oil. On the night before you shampoo and after you brush your hair, apply your favorite oil and massage it deeply into your scalp and then your hair- roots to tips. Coconut oil is a favorite, plus it smells like vacation but jojoba, sweet almond and castor oil work well. Then tie your hair in a bun and go to sleep. When you wake up, shampoo and condition as usual- you will notice your hair will look and feel amazing afterwards!

And there you have it, three steps to healthy-again hair. I've been following this routine for about nine weeks and my scalp and hair are loving it. My hair's texture and wave are starting to look and behave how they did pre-processing. I'm hopeful I can make a full recovery.

So, whether your locks are in need of some TLC, you're detoxing from processing like me, or even if you are trying to grow your hair out, these tips will surely do the trick and get your hair looking lovely once again.