Detox Your Hair And Scalp

a detoxifying shampoo

February's dossier is all about detox. For the hair and scalp. This tiny bottle is something I always have on hand. It lasts us around a year. Why? because we (as in me and Mr. Wonderful) only use it once a month. And we can't live without it! 

to clarify or not to clarify

That is the question. Well, you know when your hair is just 'blah?' It's just had it with whatever you've been doing to it? It's dull, limp, lifeless? If you use any styling products, if you swim, or if you are prone to a greasy scalp, chances are, you have residue and build-up weighing your hair down. And preventing it from looking and feeling (and behaving!) normally.

Then you, my friend should try a clarifying shampoo!


Neutrogena's Anti-Residue Shampoo is your remedy. It works to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp, leaving it refreshed and 'detoxed,' as I like to say. Using it is like pressing the reset button. It will help everything else work better, as it removes all the junk that has built up for who knows how long.

how to use

I use this shampoo once a month in place of my go-to shampoo. The directions suggest using it weekly but my hair is color treated. So more frequent use would contribute to color fade. Ain't nobody got time for color fade!

If you don't have color treated locks or if you have a lot of build-up, then once a week or every other week may suit you. I follow with my regular conditioner and styling routine.

My hair is always happier after using this shampoo. Then, like clockwork, it will disobey me, look terrible (aka bad hair day) and I'll know it's time for a quick reset. And voila. shinier, healthier, and livelier hair. 

take note

This shampoo is a steal. And less frequent use means it will last longer. Love that. 

This shampoo is not moisturizing like your regular shampoo. Take extra care to condition your hair after use. 

If your scalp produces more oil and/or if you use a lot of product, you may require a double cleanse. How do you tell? Well, if you notice a lack of suds on first shampoo, simply rinse and apply a small amount of shampoo again, then lather (it should be more sudsy now) rinse and condition.