Last Minute Gifts

Christmas is in two weeks. It just has that way of sneaking up on us, doesn't it? By now, I'm sure some of you have all the shopping done. Wrapped up all pretty. And under the tree already. Like my husband does... 

It's nice to be done ahead of time, for once. But since one can never be too prepared (surely, I'm forgetting someone!) I like to have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Think: last minute guests that just want to "pop over," something for the hostess of the holiday soiree you're attending, your doctor, stylist, manicurist, mail carrier, dog walker, etc. etc. etc. 

last minute gift ideas for the holidays

...the people who don't have a whole section dedicated to them on your list, but you truly appreciate all they do for you throughout the year! they mustn't be forgotten. 

how about a small but very thoughtful gift to show them you care!


1.  a delectable gourmet gift will surely please. made by hand (either by you or professional.) i look to williams-sonoma, sur la table, dean and deluca, and abc-home for great food gifts and ideas. coffee and tea are also great gifts for those who worship their drink of choice. 

2. a bottle of bubbly. i love prosecco. yes, wine is just fine but there is something about those bubbles that elevate your gesture to the next level. bonus- what prosecco you don't gift won't spoil. at least in this house, it won't! i mean, new year's eve is right around the corner...

3. a universal candle in a pretty box is perfectly sweet. need something for all your girlfriends? bookclub members? your children's teacher? check, check, and check! just needs a pretty ribbon or bow and you're good to go. 

4. a plant! got any newlyweds, new home owners, or friends who recently renovated? or a garden enthusiast stuck indoors for the cold months? indoor gardening is relatively low maintenance and is a gift that keeps giving. how about an amaryllis bulb in a pretty pot, an orchid, or an herb growing kit for the couple that just revamped their kitchen? and for that certain someone who can't keep anything alive? succulents and cacti are very forgiving. 

5. the humble gift card. for the person you have no clue what to give, the babysitter, your shop-a-holic manicurist: a gift card is never a bad idea. keep it local, keep it familiar- like a crowd pleasing store, restaurant, coffee shop, or spa. A gift card needs no more than a pretty card, envelope and handwritten sentiment and you're covered. the nice thing about them is that they shouldn't expire. And if you don't end up gifting them, you certainly deserve a massage or a nice dinner out ;) no judgements here!

finally, when all ideas escape you, you're feeling frazzled, or you simply, just forgot someone (it happens,) as a former babysitter/dog-walker/errand-runner/employee who wore many hats, cash is indeed, a very nice gift to receive.

this weekend, i will be out and about stocking up on these items.

arm yourself with a few and you won't be caught off guard, either. you never know who may ring that doorbell, now...


| kira |