How To Get More Out Of Your Workout

How to get more out of your workout

Working out can definitely feel like a chore- I'm with you. 30-60 minutes of exercise does wonders for our bodies. And that's really most of us can pencil in to our busy schedules. Worry not, that's all the time you need, because...

You don't have to workout longer to get amazing results!

Here are 3 easy ways I get the most out of my daily workout:


1. Turn Up The Heat

I have been devoted to this little space heater for 5 years. The higher the temp, the harder your body has to work. This tip applies to those of us who workout in the comfort (i mean, heat!) of our own home. They don't call it a workout for nothing. Heating your environment can take some time adjusting to, but over time it really tests your muscles, makes you sweat more, and burn more calories.

2. Wear Layers

Again, challenge your body by making it warm. This can be used in conjunction with tip no. 1 for a killer workout. But a must when you cannot control the temperature of your workout space. Pile on the layers, people! Look for fabrics that wick away moisture. I wear below the knee fitted capris, a fitted yoga top, and a heat tech long sleeve top. This small change really challenges me! And as much as I am dying, it feels great to truly sweat.

3. Practice Perfect Form

Like your life depends on it! With the method I follow, perfect form is 100% necessary to achieving results. There is no point in doing something if you're not doing it well. I make sure to watch my workout dvd ahead of time to learn and understand the purpose of whatever move I'm doing. I always keep my core pulled in, as it helps strengthen the rest of my body as well as support it. Pay attention and stay mentally connected. It makes a world of difference. 

And that's it. No drastic changes, no 2+ hour workouts. Get the results you crave with three simple techniques you can try today. You'll finish your workout knowing you got the most out of it. Talk about peace of mind. 

Wishing you a wonderful workout!