Feeling Florida

Whether you're a real estate broker or not, there's no denying that driving around and ogling at beautiful homes is fun. (Right? Or am I crazy?!) One of our favorite Sunday afternoon activities is heading over to Palm Beach for a drive- driving up one street, turning the corner and making our way down the next (and next... and next, ha!) It's always been one of our "things." What I've loved living up and down the East Coast is getting to know the local architecture. From Cape Cod and Colonial styles up north to to "Charlopean" and Craftsman styles down south, I've seen a lot.  But Palm Beach is unlike any other place I've been. There's a little bit of everything here and I sort of love it... 

The first thing you notice is simply how lush it is here. And the hedge game is SERIOUS. What's behind those hedges is incredible- motor courts, garden gates, breezeways, and of course, exquisite architecture. I've been learning about the different styles of homes here as there are quite a few- West Indies, Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Dutch Colonial,  Bermudian, Contemporary, Regency- the list goes on and I'm trying to learn them all!


Whether or not you live in the Sunshine State, here are some stunning Florida homes to drool over! And for even more architectural inspiration buzz on over to my Pinterest board

Pursley Dixon Architecture, photo by Tria Giovan

McCann Design Group

1100 Architect

Kirchhoff & Associates

McCann Design Group

Mark P. Finlay Architects, photo by Brantley Photography