Tips | No. 02 : Castor Oil Encourages Brow Growth

Last month's installment of tips was all about the double cleanse. I swear by it, really! and also by my next tip...

If there's one thing that's taken the beauty industry by storm... well, it's a tossup between contouring/highlighting and brows. Big. Bold. Brows!

This month's tip is about all about the latter. 

If you were born with them, consider yourself blessed. If not, don't fret! You can augment brows with pens, pencils, pomade, and more.

But I have one easy trick for encouraging brow growth. This comes in handy if you've been over-plucked, tweezed, threaded, etc. It's affordable, natural and takes 3 seconds to apply.

how to grow your brows

Castor Oil. 

Before my wedding, I made it a priority to start grooming my brows months in advance. I went regularly for threading to get them in tip top shape. But on my right brow's arch, the hairs were a little sparse. "We can fix this," my brow guru told me. "Apply some castor oil before bed each night and massage on the brows. They will be perfectly full in time for your wedding."

And it worked! I've been doing this ever since.

Another tip- if you want to truly grow some badass brows, do not touch them. Take 3 months off from grooming of any sort and apply castor oil every single night. It takes extreme will power- as you will be tempted to pluck even the tiniest stray hair. But resist and you'll be rewarded. After those few months, hightail it to the salon for some shaping. 

You can purchase castor oil at your local health food store or Amazon

Photo by Matt Irwin.