The Best Apps For Healthy Living

I’m always hesitant to download apps to my iPhone or iPad. I always make subfolders and move things around, as I don’t like things to look “crowded.” I barely touch the things I have in those subfolders. Maybe you're the same way, too.

There are a few apps that are in constant use. They sit front and center on my home screen. You know, Instagram, The Weather Channel, Pinterest, Trulia, and Yelp...

The Best Apps For Healthy Living - Leigh Clair

But aside from the ones you’ve probably heard of, there are three other apps I use regularly that compliment my quest in healthy living: Deliciously Ella, The Chalkboard Mag, and Green Hopping. They’re great resources, filled with recipes, interviews, product recommendations, green restaurant picks, and more. So much more. 

Deliciously Ella ($4.99)

I mentioned this app a few months ago and I’m happy to report I’m still referring back to it regularly. If you haven’t heard of Ella Woodward, it’s time you get to know her! Ella’s app is filled with bright, beautiful images and easy to follow wholesome and plant-based recipes. Surely this app is worth the five dollar price tag, in my opinion. Recipes are separated into 6 categories. There's even a Cake + Dessert tab. And sweet potato brownies are surprisingly scrumptious, in case you were wondering. You can easily “favorite” recipes for quick reference on the sidebar. Hot Chocolate, Superfood Bread and Spinach Crepes are a few of my faves. Another great feature is Ella's special “Detox” section. With 3 and 5 day cleanses of varying strengths, each day has 3-4 recipes designed to give your body a reset. Who says healthy has to be boring? Or hard to follow? Ella's got it all figured out for us. 

The Chalkboard Mag App (Free)

I am completely obsessed with TCM. I follow them on Instagram, visit their website daily, and receive their newsletter. Naturally, I downloaded the app the day it debuted. Like I said, obsessed. My favorite thing about TCM is that it is chock full of incredible information. They cover everything on the spectrum of wellness- nutrition, style, living, and fitness. They have the some amazing contributors- both familiar faces and those new to me. I always learn something (gelatin in smoothies is a thing), discover a product (ever heard of a Jade Face Roller?), or meet wellness experts (like David “Avocado” Wolfe.) TCM is based in Los Angeles and the West coast is always at the forefront of healthy living. It's nice to hear about trends just as they are happening as opposed to waiting till they gain popularity here on the East coast. Back to the app! I love how organized TCM is- their navigation is so clean and user friendly. It even has their Instagram and Twitter feeds linked so you can follow without having to switch programs to keep tabs. You can bookmark your favorites, which is great when you need a dinner recipe or when you’re stumped at the grocery store. (Been there, done that!) I highly recommend you check The Chalkboard Mag app out. You won't be disappointed.  

Green Hopping (Free)

You know that feeling when you’ve had one too many mojitos (in Miami- or not) and are craving a fresh green juice? Make Green Hoping your go-to. Although it’s only available in major cities in the U.S. and London (for now), it’s a godsend when you’re traveling and just want a wholesome meal, snack, juice, smoothie, etc. The app is basically a map with marked with locations that serve plant-based fare. You can choose from cafes, bars, food trucks, gyms, shops, and restaurants. Each location is clearly denoted so you know what they offer: organic cold pressed juice, organic fresh juices & smoothies, raw food, plant-based food, gluten free, and non-organic juice. When you select a location, you are able to see a photo of the location (always helpful), their contact info & website, and menu. There’s also a convenient “Take me there” button that opens up Maps on your iPhone so you can get directions instantly. I can't wait to use GH on my next trip! Download it and see if your city is "hoppable" yet!

If you are picky about which apps you download, definitely check these three out!