29 Things For My 29th Birthday

It's hard to believe it but I'm about to turn 29. I've enjoyed my twenties and I certainly feel as though I'm growing more comfortable in my own skin as I age. While I haven't had the privilege of traveling the world, I've found my forever home, am celebrating 12 years together with my husband and have true & meaningful relationships with my family and friends. I am genuinely happy and content! 

Kira Semple

If you asked me at 19 what I pictured my life looking like ten years in the future, it in NO way, shape or form looks like that vision. I envisioned myself as a young mom, living in my hometown in NY working for a museum or library. While that would have been a beautiful path indeed, my actual path to 29 has been wildly different.

In honor of my birthday and in hopes of sharing a little more about myself (something I rarely do!) here are 29 things you probably don't know about me! 

  1. I went to a creative/preforming arts elementary school. I think it has a lot to do with my preferences as an adult.

  2. I played the alto saxophone for 9 years as well as the piano.

  3. In another life, I was a DJ...

  4. I count karaoke as a secret talent (so yes, I guess my early schooling has had a profound effect on me!)

  5. I grew up in a rural area but lived very close to Manhattan. My mom is from the country and my dad is from the city. I had the best of both worlds growing up!

  6. Color scares me in my fashion and home interior choices. I embrace being the queen of neutrals.

  7. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Kevin. We’ve been together 12 years, married for 6! He’s my everything. I treasure the fact that we grew up together.

  8. We did all the florals for our wedding and it kept me very zen. We also opted to NOT have a bridal party- maybe that had something to do with it ;)

  9. I make my own facial oil. I was so frustrated with products out there from their price to their performance and questionable ingredients that I created a natural, skin-loving, quenching, glow-inducing blend of my favorite, high performing carrier and essential oils. My family and friends all swear by it.

  10. My last meal would be Viva Chicken from Charlotte (fries and cilantro rice please!) followed by FoMu ice cream from Boston for dessert. I guess that'd require some travel magic but maybe we could make it happen...

  11. I'm obsessed with lists and calendars. I make lists daily and weekly and my Google calendar can basically tell you my life story.

  12. I’ve seen 311 in concert more times than I can remember. My first was with my dad at Hammerstein Ballroom in the city when I was 15. We danced to Amber together at our wedding (it's our song.) And I'll be seeing 311 the day before my birthday!

  13. I’ve never been to California but Santa Barbara has been calling my name for nearly a decade. I'm hoping to make it out there for my 30th.

  14. I dream of going back in time and living in the 90s but as a 20 or 30 something. I’d live in Tribeca or the Upper West Side. I’ve got so much nostalgia for that era.

  15. I put cinnamon on anything- fruit, oatmeal, coffee, etc. We use Vietnamese cinnamon. Once you try it you'll never go back to the regular stuff.

  16. When we travel, I seek out and plan our trips around coffee shops- to say I love coffee is an understatement. Best cups of coffee: Intelligentsia in New York and Not Just Coffee in Charlotte.

  17. Cat lady for life ;)

  18. I'm terrified of roller coasters but love Disney World (maybe I'll try one sometime soon.)

  19. I work in the real estate industry and I don't see that changing (in a good way!) There are so many facets and avenues of the business. I was a broker for two years and learned so much about people (myself included.)

  20. Vanilla > Chocolate

  21. Walt Disney is my idol. He was such a dreamer and doer and inspires me every day.

  22. My first foray in blogging? Back in 2010! I called it Mr. & Mrs. K (as in Kevin and Kira) where both of us wrote about our favorite things.

  23. Tennis is my favorite sport to watch (love you Roger Federer!) Life stops during Wimbledon (already counting the days, ha!)

  24. La La Land is my favorite movie of all time! Tied with It’s Complicated. Hocus Pocus is also a legend in my book. I usually watch one of them on my birthday.

  25. I was overweight most of my child and adolescent life. When I lost my nana and uncle, I got serious about my health and went to the doctor for every kind of test, x-ray, blood panel, etc. to understand my body. Wellness is so important to me and I'm constantly reading and researching anything and everything related to it. I still like to drink a cocktail, though...

  26. Cocktail you say? A margarita! On the rocks! With salt, please! Here's the ultimate recipe! Sparkling rose is also a favorite.

  27. I graduated summa cum laude from Marist College in New York. I studied art history and fashion merchandising (hence my potential career visions above) but realized pretty quickly they weren't the industries for me.

  28. I quit my first job (in cosmetics) so we could move to North Carolina. I credit my former boss for teaching me so many lessons that will stay with me forever. She was my first real mentor and I'm so grateful for that time with her.

  29. I can cook pretty much anything. But I HATE recipes. I can’t follow them. Kevin is my savior when it comes to creating recipes and nailing down measurements.

And there you have it, 29 things you probably don't know about me whether we went to grade school, we're Insta-friends, or you've known me for a while. I've struggled over the years with sharing because by nature, I'm pretty private and prefer to function behind the scenes. But as I mentioned earlier,  the cool thing about getting older is that I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin- like I'm coming into my own, like I don't have the energy to worry about what everyone thinks of me. Cheers to 29 and embracing thyself! 

I can't thank you enough for reading and following along!