Winter To Do List

My autumn to do list helped me visualize the things i wanted to do and goals i wanted to achieve. I didn't complete the entire list. But that has shown me see the areas that need more focus and improvement in my life (ahem, read more, kira!)

Now that winter is officially upon us, there will undoubtedly be more time spent at home which gives me the opportunity to do things I (in the warm months) wouldn't have the patience to do. Since you know, I'd rather be out and about, soaking up the beautiful weather...

This season i'd like to keep up the healthy lifestyle i've been working on since i turned over a new leaf last winter. It's been the key to my happiness and my guiding light. I never want this to change.

Read on to get specifics...

leigh clair : my winter to do list

and some commentary to accompany the list:

  • it's crucial to feel the warmth during the winters up here. paging: florida!
  • i've already been working at this and am happy to report i'm down to one cup of joe a day. i've been swapping my afternoon fix with green tea.
  • i need to be more on the pulse with today's news. i've subscribed to some daily newsletters to help me stay up to date with current affairs.
  • can you believe i've never sat through an entire episode of friends? why? because i was watching the food network in the 90s...
  • the best part about winter is the return of downton abbey. i hope to continue our little tradition of making tea (and crumpets, sometimes!) right before the show. with my mom, of course. 
  • i've got a beautiful canon camera but have not dedicated enough time to learning about its features. winter days will give me the downtime to play with it more. 
  • there's a giant reminder on my whiteboard to stop multitasking. i'm slowly getting better at it. it really takes time to train yourself to just do one thing at a time. consider it a work in progress. 
  • i went to the spa recently and am hooked. (uh oh...) dry skin gets me every winter- perfect excuse for a facial? i think so. 
  • i am embarrassed to admit i haven't been to manhattan in 8 or 9 months. eeek! i'm thinking the frick and brunch are in order asap. 
  • fondue! cheesy (pun intended) i know, but my husband and i made it for our first v-day and haven't made it since. 2015 marks our 9th(!) together. now that we are of age, i think fondue with alcohol will taste much better than without. 
  • fashion wise, i am on the hunt for some killer investment pieces- leather trousers (can't take the new york out of the girl) and the perfect nude heel. my wardrobe's desperately seeking these two. i think pinterest can help guide me in the right direction. 
  • i love knitting. it's something my nana taught me when i was very young. i'm thinking i'd like to make an infinity scarf this year. i think nana would wonder what the heck an infinity scarf was if she were still here... oh well. 
  • and lastly, get organized- a perpetual task in life but oh so crucial. it's important to sift and reassess things- be it paper, knick knacks, accessories, shoes, my cosmetics- anything and everything. but this season, my main focus is my wardrobe and files. 

i hope winter gives you the time to explore your personal to do list. have fun!


| kira |