Staying on Track

It's midway through the month already! We're at a crucial point because usually around now, we fall off the motivation train. And those dreams of eating healthy and exercising daily have fallen to the wayside.

But I'm here to tell you that if you choose to continue right now, you are more likely to be successful in your endeavors for the rest of the year (and hopefully for a lifetime.) 

Today I'm sharing the tools that help me stay on track. These are health-centric and yes, I use them regularly. Last January I made a commitment to myself and here I am, 12 months later- I've been able to keep up my daily workouts and healthful eating. At this point, it's engrained in me. It's just a regular part of my life. 

It wasn't and isn't always easy and of course there are days where I want to eat ice cream (and sometimes I do eat the ice cream- but not all the time!) and with the help of these thoughtful products, staying on track is that much easier. 

tips and products to keep you on track
  1. Le Pens- This is the second time writing about these. Why? Because I use them religiously. They're perfect for color coding and they write beautifully. Try one (or all the colors!) and you'll be hooked.
  2. bkr- I gave up soda years ago (aside from the occasional cocktail that has it) and water is my main jam. And while plastic water bottles are easy, they were a habit that needed to be broken. Hello, bkr! I bring mine everywhere- in fact, I have three of them.
  3. Simplified Planner- I was so bummed I didn't purchase this planner last year. Yes, it's an investment but I haven't been happier with any other planner- ever! Unfortunately they're all sold out- so you should grab one next year. I chronicle my entire day (food journal, workout journal, personal to-dos, reminders, and goals) in one place. If you're a list maker or a post-it note freak (like me) you will feel at ease knowing everything is in one single place. Hallelujah! 
  4. Clean Eats Cookbook- I'm currently on a cleanse (although it doesn't really feel like one, luckily) and I can wholeheartedly recommend anything from Dr. Alejandro Junger and Dr. Frank Lipman. When eating super clean, it can get a bit monotonous. Arm yourself with a few really great cookbooks and the guesswork will be gone.
  5. BlenderBottle- I. use. this. every. day. I got my first when I did Dr. Lipman's cleanse a few years ago and my collection has grown. These are so handy and really blend protein powder to perfection. Bonus: BlenderBottles are a godsend when you're on the go for school, work, traveling, etc. 
  6. Fitbit- Oh Fitbit how I love thee! By now, you've heard of them and you probably have one! It really is helpful to see just how much we move. With the app, you can also track your food, water, weight, and sleep. I've had my eye on the Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet and necklace- because sometimes, the black band is a bit sporty for everyday wear. Can't live without this. 
  7. Deliciously Ella App- I stumbled across Ella Woodward's blog a few months ago and am a loyal reader now. What's more- she's got a great app (seriously, so beautiful!) and a soon to be released cookbook. Her recipes are wholesome, delicious and never steer me wrong. 
  8. A Good Yoga Mat- Crucial for a good workout. As Ina Garten says "use good vanilla!" and your cake will of course, be delicious. Good ingredients=a good foundation for whatever you're doing. I have a few favorites including mats by Prana, Manduka, and Lululemon that make workouts easier. 

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Cheers to keeping up those resolutions!