Statement Wayfarers

Do you have a signature pair of sunglasses? They come in handy. They compliment your look and enhance your personal style so much that when you receive a compliment it's something along the lines of... "those look perfect on you!" #meanttobe? 

Think Jackie O or Miss Olivia P. You know immediately know what iconic shape to associate with them. I opt for cat eyes or simple but chic and classic round sunnies. In fact, I've only ever had those 2 pairs of sunglasses my entire adult life. 

I loved my ray-ban cat eyes and wore them so much- through scratches, drops, tumbles and fumbles- that I retired them on my 25th birthday. Mr. Wonderful got me a beautiful pair of Elizabeth and James round sunglasses to take the ray-bans' place. And they've been my signature ever since. 

And although I won't replacing those anytime soon, I'll be looking to add the wayfarer frame to my arsenal next. Hey, maybe around my 30th birthday I'll find the perfect pair- since I seem to hold on to them for 5 years or so ;)

Here's some eye candy for ya- four pairs of gorgeous statement wayfarers you need now!

Four Statement Wayfarers!

Who makes the most classic wayfarer but Ray Ban?! Love them for their great price points, durability, and universally stylish options & color ways. 

If you really want to make a statement, look no further than Retro Super Future. These are large (but lightweight!) and command attention. Super indeed. 

Want to steal OP's signature look? Well lucky for us, we can- she designed a beautiful collection of wayfarers for Westward Leaning. I love them all. So will you. 

Finally, Celine makes the most gorgeous sunnies (and bags, might I add.) Of course these are hard to find (unless you're a Kardashian or Gwyneth Paltrow) but a girl can dream of this perfect pair, no?

Happy shopping. 

P.S. four perfect lip balms to wear with your shades.