Sleep Better With Five Easy Tips

5 Easy Sleep Tips

Happy Daylight Savings! Losing that hour of sleep was a bummer, I know. Because sleep is important, whether we realize it or not. We need sleep to function. We need sleep to stay sane. We need sleep, period!

The saying "I can sleep when I'm dead" never sat well with me. I'll be catching as many zzz's as I can for as long as I can, thank you very much. People have often teased me but I'm not shy to admit I need my beauty sleep. And it just so happens that last week was National Sleep Awareness Week, which the folks at Casper were so kind enough to remind me about. They're celebrating sleep awareness all month long. And heck, I'm always celebrating. 

Did you know that on average, we sleep for 26 years of our life? Considering that's how long I've been alive, I want to make sure I'm getting the best rest possible. And so does Casper. Casper is a mattress brand you need to know about. their products are thoughtfully designed, made in America, and fairly priced. oh yeah, they're insanely comfortable! Casper is on a mission to change the way we think about mattresses, how we purchase them, and to ensure we're getting the best sleep of our lives. 

They've asked me for my tips on getting a great night's sleep and I'm sharing them today!

1. Make it Dark

A dark room is a great room for sleep. ditch your nightlight, get some Blackout curtains, and don't look at your phone! The tiniest bit of light can disrupt our sleep hormones and make it difficult to fall asleep.

2. Keep Your Phone Out Of Arm’s Reach

Our minds need time to power down and prepare for sleep. Looking at your phone before hitting the hay will do you no favors, trust me. I keep my phone a few feet away from the bed to keep the temptation of reading emails and the late night instagram look-see at bay. Bonus: if you use your phone as your alarm, you'll have to get out of bed, instead of pressing the snooze button. 

3. Avoid Working On Your Bed

My bed is my temple and so I treat it that way. That means no working on my bed, no eating in my bed, etc. It's for sleep. And that other thing you do in the bedroom. Why's this? because we don't want to confuse our bodies into associating our bed with work, deadlines, or other non-sleeping concerns. oh and crumbs in the bed? never a good thing. 

4. Maintain A Regular Sleep Schedule

It's the weekend- let's sleep in! Well, think again. The thought of catching a few more hours of sleep sounds appealing, doesn't it? But going to bed and rising at the same time each day is a wonderful habit to adopt. Our bodies thrive on rhythm and trying to make up for lost hours of workweek sleep on the weekend can actually lead to more insomnia. 

5. Try A Sound Machine

Apartment dwellers, light sleepers, and those of you who sleep better with the fan on: listen up! A sound machine is your new best friend. they're soothing and comforting (once you try, you'll know what I mean.) I've been sleeping with one for a year and I love it. it's an audible clue for my body that it's time for bed. and it helps me doze off much faster than I used to. 

If you're not getting the best sleep, I encourage you to try one or a few of my tips. For some more fabulous ideas be sure to check these out. And when all else fails, get a new mattress

Tell me, how important is sleep to you? Do you snooze like a baby or do you struggle with it? What are your tips for sleeping well? I'd love to hear what you think.