Shortlisted : January

happy february, friends! i am thrilled spring is on its way. the countdown is on- who am i kidding, it's on in december.

we've been getting quite a bit of snow and i've got the flu. but luckily not too bad, as my immunity is good. must be all that turmeric elixir i've been drinking. i am however very tired and useless...

13 things that made my month!

turmeric elixir

1. turmeric root, because i can't get enough and refuse to pay $10 a bottle for it.

2. dr. lipman's cleanse shakes. simply because they are the best. 

artifact uprising book

3. this book we made chronicling our vacation.

4. speaking of vacation, our entire vacation. when can we go back? 


5. my planner. i know, i know! i keep plugging it but it really freakin' rocks.

6. molly sims' new book. thoroughly impressed and actually read the entire thing. 

tomatillos for posole

7. posole. because it's so easy to make. and impressive. and flavorful.

8. hitting 10k then 11k pinterest followers- thank you!


9. spending mlk day with my mom. favorite cafe+shop date!

10. the australian open. conveniently on while sick=endless entertainment. 

reeboks zigs

11. a new pair of sneaks for working out- the most colorful things i own. 

12. days off with family. the only benefit of inclement weather. 

13. the great british baking show. addicting. 'nuff said. check it out.

i'm still on the mend but am excited that february is here and that it's a short month. are you?

stay warm!