Five Ideas To Inspire Your 2018 Resolution

Ranunculus, Photo by Kira Semple |

Self care and wellness habits take time! I don’t believe any habit can be learned in 21 days (or however long  the magazines claim.) Last year, my resolution was to read more for pleasure. I told myself, even if it was for 5 minutes, that was something. I like to start small (think big!) and was hopeful that 5 minutes would turn into more over time. But with my real estate career blossoming, I was working a lot on nights and weekends. I'd come home, eat dinner, then crash. My new year's resolution was off to a not so great start. And it was only April. 

Instead of giving up on reading and repeating the cycle, I got creative. My husband came up with a great idea: given the amount of hours I was spending in my car, why not listen to audiobooks? I’d be able to enjoy a book for pleasure (my goal) but in a different format than initially planned on (one that complimented my schedule.)

It’s been a win-win. In 2017,  I’ve listened to 9 books (and counting) For a seasoned bookworm, it's not much, but for me? Total improvement. From audiobooks, I’ve branched out to podcasts. I devoured Serial and my latest downloads have been about mysteries, cults and aliens- things that have always fascinated me but I never made time to learn more about. Needless to say, I'm so glad I didn't throw in the towel on reading! 

What are your goals/hopes/resolutions for the new year? This year's goal is to stop using my phone so much, especially during idle time and before & after bed. I want to replace the urge to scroll with focus on what I’m doing and experiencing in real life. Just as my reading path led me to audiobooks and podcasts, I’m hopeful less screen time adds value and more joy to life. 

Not sure what you'd like to tackle in the new year? I have some small ideas to get you inspired! 

Take a bath

To unwind and de-stress before bed (you deserve it!) Maybe it will turn into a daily ritual. 

Contact someone who's on your mind

Whether it's to say I love you or to reach out to a friend you've fallen out of touch with- you never know what can grow from it. 

Drink more tea or go black for coffee

Instead of reaching for a sugary afternoon pick me up! It might shake up your drink routine.

Eat a fruit and/or a vegetable at each meal

Maybe you'll finally give Meatless Mondays a try...?

Incorporate outdoor breaks into your day

Especially if you sit at a desk all day. The simple act of taking a quick outside break can re-energize you and help you refocus. And fresh air is always a good idea!

Whatever your plan or resolution is for the new year, remember to go easy on yourself, be forgiving, flexible and creative. Don't give up and start small. Only positive things can grow from there. Happy 2018!