My Three Favorite Instagrammers

Last month, on a morning spent surfing bloglovin' I noticed some of my favorite bloggers were covering the same topic. They were participating in a blog linkup, hosted by the b bar's blog, the well-  a valuable resource and must read for all bloggers. 

Genius! What a wonderful concept and great way to learn something new, get inspired, and meet other people in the blogosphere. Reading everyone's January linkup posts, I discovered some new blogs and Instagram feeds to follow and finally found the perfect travel bag, which proved invaluable to more than one participant. 

I was so bummed I missed out on the first linkup, I knew I had to join in on the fun for February's subject:

Who are you three favorite instagrammers and why?

I instantly thought of the beautiful feeds of some very talented ladies. In no particular order...

Could I Have That?

samantha wennerstrom / @couldihavethat

Why she's a favorite: Samantha's feed is gorgeous and seemingly effortless. Her photos are elegant and clean- nothing complicated or busy. She goes down in history as the chicest pregnant woman- ever! Her new baby girl, Elin makes an occasional appearance and when she does, it's the sweetest. I never feel like Samantha is selling anything to me. Her beachy lifestyle has me California dreamin' each time she posts and her personal style is impeccable.  

Sara Mueller

sara mueller / @saramueller

Why she's a favorite: I love sara's artistic and aesthetically pleasing arrangements. She recently shared on her blog that her priority would be to take more beautiful pictures even if it meant posting less. I appreciate that and the time she puts into making things pretty- after all her blog is called 'A Dose Of Pretty.' Sara's got me craving lavender ice cream, lattes and Panama hats. And reminds me that fresh flowers are always a good idea.

Seas The Moment

brittany / @seasthemoment

Why she's a favorite: I discovered brittany whilst searching hashtags, suffering from the post vacation blues. True story. She and her husband live in sunny South Florida and her everyday life resembles that of the perfect beach vacation. Seriously. Her photography skills are amazing and just keep getting better. Palm trees, mojitos, sand and sun- her feed is the antidote for those who (like me) have just about had it with old man winter. What's more, I love Brittany's positive attitude- her uplifting captions always leave a smile on my face. 

If you aren't following these gals yet, inspiration awaits, I promise.


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Who are you're favorite instagrammers? Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs taking part in this month's linkup. I can't wait to see everyone's favorites.