Are your lips in tip top shape?

Our lips can tell us a lot about ourselves. Are we dehydrated? Is our skin dry? Is our environment dry? Perhaps those margaritas have your lips parched... 

Does your lip color look uneven when applied- or even worse- flaky?!

Never make this beauty faux pas again with 3 quick and easy tips! 

lip health tips


  • Give them a soft brushing with your toothbrush after you brush. Or your clarisonic- if you have one! The mild exfoliation will remove dead skin.

  • Use a warm, damp washcloth and buff your lips with soft, gentle circular motions. The easiest and quickest way- especially when we're in a hurry!

  • Make your own lip scrub:

Mix one part oil to one part sugar. I like coconut oil and brown sugar. Apply gently to dry lips then wipe with a warm, damp cloth.

Sidenote* I've purchased multiple sugar lip scrubs and have been nothing but disappointed with them. Not sure what all the hype is about.... Until then, I'll be making my own! 

After any of these, and especially before applying lipstick or gloss- it is crucial to moisturize your lips! A coat of lip balm will extend the wear of what you apply on top. I've been using this. And it is AMAZING- it actually stays on my lips! 

Of course, consuming lots of water helps aid in the health of our skin, too- plumping it and flushing toxins out. It is the elixir or life, after all. 

Kiss kiss!