Lilac Moment

I admit it. "I'm having a lilac moment!" I declared at Target last week, when everything I picked up was, well- lilac. My husband gave me a funny look. Now, you know me- I wear black, white, tan, grey, and navy. You know- the classics. And usually everything I gravitate towards is the same be it home decor or accessories. But lilac? No way- or so I thought.

Now let's talk about lilac flowers- I worship them. My mom absolutely loves them and they grow throughout our yard. She even planted a tree under my bedroom window 16 years ago. Waking up to the scent of blooming lilacs on a spring morning is something I'll always treasure. It was my signature gift to teachers, too (that and a peach pie)- a fresh bouquet of fragrant, pillowy lilacs freshly picked from the tree, instead of the usual hand soap and lotion duo. I mean, who wouldn't love them?

leigh clair | lilac



Well, my love affair with lilac has surfaced and I can't seem to get enough. I know radiant orchid  is the color of the year and all, but I find it a bit too bright for me. Gotta start small- I'm thinking a lilac manicure or a simple lilac wallet (à la Chloé.) Or perhaps a lilac hued throw to update the couch and maybe a fresh scarf for those chilly spring mornings. Nothing too crazy for a hell bent neutrals girl like me. A pop of color never did anyone wrong. But (ohmygosh!) Nicole sure knows how to rock it, doesn't she? Not sure we could all pull that off... but it's inspiring nonetheless. Props to you, Ms. Richie.

How would you do lilac?