Kick Those Winter Blues

tips for kicking the winter blues

oh winter, how i love to hate thee. if you've been a visitor here or on instagram, it's no secret i despise the cold. there's just something about it that makes me grumpy, lazy, and most obviously: freezing!

i don't know why, but i am very much affected by the weather beginning after the holidays and until around my birthday, in early spring. not sure what it's like near you, but most days of the season rarely see the sun here. as a child, i would ask "mommy, is it going to be a grey day today?" because i never enjoyed them. and after living in north carolina, i absolutely loved that i could ride my bike, go for walks, and soak up the sunshine- in february! 

there's only one cure for treating the winter blues- living somewhere warm and sunny all year round. or going on vacation. a lot. but since that's not realistic for everyone, i want to share how i cope with winter, as i know i'm not alone in the struggle. 

disclaimer: i'm not perfect and yes, some days are best spent in pajamas but i try my best to escape the blues by:

  1. maintaining a routine- the overarching, guiding principle for the rest of my tips. this one is critical (at least for me) for keeping any sort of sanity. 
  2. planning something fun each week with my husband- (it could be your best friend, mom, sister, etc.) but a movie, a lunch or dinner date, going for a walk- anything to get us out of the house is always a good idea. 
  3. indoor gardening- this keeps the pent up gardener in me happy until the bulbs emerge from the ground come early spring. i just picked up 5 orchids on clearance in hope of nursing them back to health. i am so excited to see what color they will be. 
  4. cooking or baking something new- find a recipe, make a shopping list, go to the store, come home and try to make it. it's fun, it's a process, and it's satisfying. that is, if you're up for the challenge (and you enjoy cooking.) heck, you could even try a new smoothie- the point is to switch things up and have fun. 
  5. binge watching a (new to me) series- this year it's been orphan black and the great british baking show. and usually on sundays. they've provided hours of entertainment when the weather makes travel unsafe and all there is to do is high-tail it to the couch.
  6. drinking something warm- afternoon tea is a new habit i've adopted since cutting excess coffee from my life. (check on my winter to do list) i've recently been on a matcha kick. i love the ritual of preparing, enjoying, and relaxing with it. give it a try!
  7. going somewhere warm- it could be a greenhouse, a cafe with a roaring fire, a steam room, or outside (if you can bear it!) if not, a bath or hot shower works like a charm. p.s. light a candle! warmth works wonders for the soul, trust me
  8. exercising- simply put, it helps you feel good. i schedule it in my planner each and every day. when i don't get my workout in, my day's forecast reads: lazy, which never sits right with my conscience. as nike's slogan says, just do it!

hope these help. if you have any tips, please don't hesitate to share :) 


p.s. when all else fails, start a countdown calendar for spring! i always have one up and running...