Identify Your Personal Style With Pinterest

I love Pinterest- it's no secret. I'd pick it over Instagram any day (shocker, I know!) But Pinterest allows me to define my aesthetic across all categories of life: interiors, architecture, food, and style (to name a few!) For me, Pinterest is a tool, a strategy- for channeling inspiration and implementing it to real life. I've got nearly 13,000 followers so I must be doing something right...


Identify Your Personal Style With Pinterest // 4 Easy Steps

Today I'm sharing my technique for cultivating your personal style via Pinterest in 4 steps. here we go! 

1. Make A Secret Board

Name it something along the lines of "My Style." It doesn't matter much- you're the only one who'll see it. 

Identify Your Personal Style With Pinterest // 4 Easy Steps

2. Follow Your Muse(s)

This step is important because, unless we have an inherent sense of killer style, say like Olivia Palermo, we need some inspiration. And that's okay! Think about whose style you covet- whose closet you'd love to raid. 

Use the Pinterest search bar and find specific people whose style you identify with and follow entire boards devoted to them. This is the easiest way to nail down your fashion muse. My current muses are Carolyn Murphy, Elin Kling, and Geraldine Saglio.

Spend a month or two pinning the looks that appeal to you. You don't want the board to be too large or overwhelming. 80-100 pins is perfect. 

Identify Your Personal Style With Pinterest // 4 Easy Steps

For non celeb fashion I look to fashion bloggers- I'm sure you follow some already. Anh of 9to5 Chic, Merritt Beck of The Style Scribe, and Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That? are a few of my favorites. Celebs with amazing style that come to mind? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, The Olsens, Emmanuelle Alt, Olivia Palermo, Poppy Delevigne, and Kate Bosworth. 

Psst! Check out my Style board- it's quite popular and chock full of street, high, and casual style.

3. Get Specific 

When you've complied all of your visual inspiration (remember only around 100 pins) edit each pin's description. Clearly define what you like about each look. This step will take time, but I encourage you to literally spell out the words and pieces that appeal to you. 

Identify Your Personal Style With Pinterest // 4 Easy Steps

Here are some helpful words for your pin descriptions:

  • color- neutral, bold, pastel. get specific, too- navy, burgundy, olive, etc. 
  • material- linen, cotton, silk, leather, etc. 
  • fit- loose, flowy, slim, fitted, cropped, etc. 
  • embellishment- faux fur, sequins, fringe, etc. 
  • pattern- plaid, stripes, prints, etc. 
  • accessories- sunglasses, bags, jewelry, scarves, etc. 
  • feel- is this outfit traditional, feminine, boho, classic, minimal, american, european, eclectic, etc.?

And highlight the specific pieces you like- like a black leather moto jacket, white skinny jeans, a leather lbd, linen tunic, nude pointed toe heels, oversize sunnies, etc. 

4. Identify And Answer 

Key words and pieces are the foundation of your personal style. When you're done editing pin descriptions, go through your board and compile a list of things that appear most in your board. 

My list included: pointed toe heels, black skinnies, white blouse, classic, and neutral. Don't lose your list- it's essentially, a code that unlocks your style definition. 

Now, answer these questions: What overarching trends do you notice? What color combinations pop up the most? What type of feel does your board take on? (Refer to the list above if you need specific words to help define.) Take time to answer these questions and write them down, too.

In answering those questions, I found that my personal style skews classic, neutral, minimal, and European. My key pieces fall into those categories. and go figure- my style muses are great representations of those words. Carolyn Murphy is a classic American beauty (think little white dresses, trenches, blouses and flats.) Elin Kling is minimal and Euro chic (oversize sunnies, pointed toe heels, deep v tees, and classic blue oxfords.) And last but not least, Geraldine Saglio, who truly embodies it all- classic, neutral, minimal and European. See, I've come full circle! That, ladies, is the goal of this exercise. 

The point here is to find out what and who you've been inspired by- what you are naturally drawn to and identify it. 

And there you have it- your personal style, identified. With Pinterest! It's actually a very fun process. So hop on over to Pinterest and get-a-pinning! Keep an eye out for another post where I'll talk more about acquiring your personal style. And in the mean time, how about some Pinterest chat?

Do you use Pinterest? If so do you have a style board? Is is secret or public? Who are your style icons? Who are your favorite pinners? I'm always seeking new boards and users to follow, so please, let me know. 

And P.S. for more visual loveliness and lots of style inspiration, follow along with me

Main image via madewell.