House Huntress : Greenwich Georgian

Hello hunters! Something exciting happened on Sunday. We were driving to Connecticut for lunch and I saw a large, grey structure. Sharkey grey to be specific. And if the word sharkey means anything to any of you reading this, then you know whose house I just so happened to drive by. Totally unplanned btw, which makes it that much more thrilling! 

None other than the OG herself- my hero- Martha Stewart. And I mean that in a loving way. I got up early on Sundays to watch her show, Living as a child. I recall a very vivd memory of waking up from a sleepover (we watched bring it on the night before if that's any sign of the times) letting myself out the door quietly, walking home (friend lived 2 houses away) and turning on the television before my family was even awake.

No one understood me. Honestly what 11 year old wakes up early to watch Martha make pâte à choux or discuss the planning of early spring bulbs or what vitamins are beneficial for your animal? Or make jam- I love jam. Smitten, fascinated, enthralled, I was with this woman. I wholeheartedly believe that I am who I am in part, because of Martha. Thanks, lady. 

Okay okay back to the story. I shrieked (perhaps used an expletive) to Mr. W- oh look- Martha's house! He said- how do you know? Then we saw stables, guest houses, and the greenhouse. And they did all the explaining for me as we passed by. Told ya so. Ah, Cantitoe Corners, nice to meet you.  

So this episode of HH was inspired by Miss Martha herself. I searched and searched but was unable to find a property in Bedford I loved. I snooped around as usual in the Greenwich MLS, which is always inspiring. Luxury to the max. Beautiful interiors, and classic exteriors. And fabulous outdoor spaces. This listing fit the bill. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

a beautiful georgian estate in greenwich
a beautiful georgian estate in greenwich
striking foyer in a beautiful georgian estate
warm and cozy wood paneling in the home office and sitting room
glamorous informal living area. french doors to let in all the light.
clean traditional kitchen with great island and beautiful range hood
modern family room
master suite with canopy bed and double chaise lounges
freestanding tub with fireplace
beautiful dressing room
a masculine gentlemen's dressing room
a beautiful georgian estate
lovely bedroom in greenwich
children's workspace
now this is a wine cellar
lovely outdoor patio in greenwich, CT
white loungers by the pool- very hotel/spa like
a beautiful estate with perfect outdoor space

Check out the listing here