House Huntress : Alfalfa House in Upstate New York

Okay, so we're totally in the swing of things. Summer things, that is. And in an ever so New York fashion, I bring to you the quintessential Summer country home If I were a Manhattanite with 2 mil to spare, I'd be on 87 now schleppin' it to Kerhonkson. Yes, Kerhonkson. We took a field trip in elementary school there. All I recall is that for a small period of time, perhaps a few weeks (?) Kerhonkson was the capital of New York. Now it's Albany. Case closed. 


It's so beautiful up here. I spent my younger years camping not to far away in Accord. Summer after Summer, Fall after Fall, I would play in the creek (or should I say crick) looking for crawdads (see: crayfish.) And ride my bike to the general store for candy and go to the farm to pick apples, berries and pears oh my! And pumpkins, duh. Campfires, hotdogs, sweet corn and mandatory s'mores, and how could I forget..?! Feeding the geese... you know, the things you do in the country. Personal realization: I guess I am a country girl at heart. Hah...

Well, folks- if all that sounds appealing and you don't mind the lack of cell service, then look no further than the Alfalfa House. I love how fancy houses have their own fancy names. But this one is most definitely deserving of a name because it's fantastic- looks like something straight out of Better Homes and Gardens or Country Living. But it's not too country cutesy conservative- check out the art. And playful use of color. And that pool and the beautiful valley view... swoon. 

Alfalfa House
Love the black door
Pretty entry
Alfalfa House Stairs. Love the wood!
Country Chic
Loving grey kitchen cabinets
Layered living
Neutral with pop of orange
Love the sink and moulding!
Clean powder room
Alfalfa House
Fun children's room!
Lovely Barn
Serene Pool
Boxwood lined entry
Garden Vista

Check the listing out here. All photos via Coldwell Banker.