Hotel Huntress : Modern Trad in Belgium

As much of an Anglophile I consider myself, I truly dream of traveling to Belgium. Does that perhaps make me a Belgophile?! Is that even the correct term?

I love the architecture, the cuisine, the interior design style. I came across this amazing bed and breakfast in the coastal village of Moere, twenty minutes from Bruges. The property is a converted railway station- spoor translates to track. Track 62. How cool is that? I love the mix of modern and traditional. That to me, is so Belgian. I think that's why I favor it- I myself could never choose one over the other. I seek the perfect harmony between both. 

Enter Spoor 62: a total case in point. Old bones + clean lines = perfection.

Take a look at how gorgeous this place is. Perfectly minimal yet sumptuously luxurious. 

The hoteliers totally restored the brick railroad station, where many passed through by way of Paris in the twenties. I love the landscaping, all those windows and the beautiful brick. 

minimal vanity. sleek finishes.
egg shaped bath, clean lines, orchids.

The perfectly serene interiors at Spoor 62. There are only two (two!) rooms. I can only imagine how peaceful this place is. 

Those Eames chairs, though...


And just a few shots of the exterior and grounds at this b&b. Talk about making an entrance and lasting impression.

Well, I hope one day to get to Belgium, lodge here, and be truly inspired by the entire country.