Hidden Talents

It's that time of month! Are you ready for another linkup? I love these exercises so much! July's question is:

What are your hidden talents?

I wish I had super powers, could speak five languages, or predict the future. But sigh... I can't! Instead, this prompt got me to really think about my passions and what I excel in. I'm incredibly organized, have a freakishly good memory, and know a lot about flowers. 

That's all well and good... but oh so boring.

Blackberry Thyme Cooler - Leigh Clair

Something that comes incredibly naturally to me that not many people know about is my love for cooking and making drinks. Only my family really knows- they reap the benefits regularly. But dinner guests are pretty surprised to learn that the meal they've just enjoyed was entirely made from scratch- from the cocktails to dessert. I've got open offers from people who actually want to invest in me and a future restaurant! How crazy is that?

But here's the kicker: it's incredibly rare that I ever follow a recipe. Everything I create comes from within. I just get ideas and go with them- relying on unique flavor and texture combinations, what's in season, and what I have on hand. I loathe measuring, taking notes, and writing my own recipes- they interrupt my creative juices. And it's a guarantee that my kitchen is a mess when dinner hits the table. I'm a cross between a mad scientist and passionate artist. I know no boundaries in the kitchen. Consider my hidden talent, out of the bag! 

While I'm not leveraging this talent of mine on a professional level, I will say that it brings me so much joy. Savoring something that I first created in my head, then my kitchen is so fulfilling. And that's all I want for now. If and when I'm ready to leverage my cooking skills on a larger scale (perhaps a bar/restaurant/lounge?) I'll give my investors a ring...